Case Study: Employee Engagement Survey for a Manufacturing Company

Have you ever heard the saying, "if you don't appreciate your customers, someone else will." While this a great piece of advice, there is an audience you may be undervaluing that could lead to the decline in sales and office morale. Your employees!

An employee engagement survey tests the level of passion, enthusiasm, and commitment an employee has to it's organization. If employees do not feel they are valued, they will not serve as company advocates to your customers. Worse, they might leave your organization to work for a competitor and take their best customers with them.

Specializing in employee engagement surveys, Drive Research understands the impact this type of study can have on any type of organization or industry. More recently, our team partnered with a manufacturing company employee engagement within their organization.

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Drive Research recently completed a manufacturing employee engagement survey! Here is what we learned.


A manufacturing company hired our manufacturing market research company to conduct an employee engagement survey. The employee engagement market research involved reaching out to all employees of the organization to request their open and honest feedback.

The objective of the employee engagement market research was to provide the client with definitive, measurable, and actionable feedback to guide next steps. The survey would aim to understand if there was an overall positive or negative attitude among those working for the manufacturing company.

The manufacturing company specifically would review the negative feedback to determine what internal changes could be done to change the perception of the employees.

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To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research created a custom research approach for the manufacturing employee engagement study.

Drive Research created an online survey tailored to the manufacturing company in order to gather high quality feedback from their employees. Using a third-party employee engagement survey company for this effort ensures confidentiality and anonymity. This is critical in receiving high quality and honest feedback.

If an employee survey is administered by the employer itself, many employees feel as if they will be penalized or put their job in jeopardy by providing negative feedback. Rather, if conducted by an employee survey company, your staff will feel more comfortable offering their true opinions on the company's internal affairs.

Fieldwork began on May 1 and lasted until May 17, 2019. The employee engagement survey took respondents an average of 8 minutes to complete and included 45 questions. The employee engagement survey received a strong response rate of 71%.

A sample of this size produced a margin of error of +/- 7.2% which makes the results reliable. The +/- 7.2% margin of error means if the survey was conducted with another random sample of employees, the data incurs a 95% confidence that results would yield within +/- 7.2% of the stated totals.

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While, the employee engagement survey report remains confidential with the client, here is a brief overview of what the report and appendix included.

The employee engagement study report included a background and methodology of the project, executive summary of themes, an infographic of the findings, respondent persona, recommendations and action items, and next steps for market research.

In addition to the summary of key findings and recommendations, the report included a full appendix. The appendix includes a detailed question-by-question breakdown of the results as well as advanced analytics to help uncover hidden drivers to employee satisfaction and engagement.

The employee engagement survey results were also benchmarked to the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry benchmarks contained data for more than 30 organizations with over 2,600 responses per question, which indicates high data quality.

The market research answered the following research objectives:

  1. How satisfied are employees?
  2. What are employees most satisfied with?
  3. What are employees least satisfied with?
  4. What drives satisfaction?
  5. What is most important to employees?
  6. How do employees describe the manufacturing company?
  7. How can the manufacturing company improve?

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