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  • Blog: How to Conduct Market Research with Gastroenterologists | Healthcare Market Research Firm

    How to Conduct Market Research with Gastroenterologists

    Market research comes in all shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, the structure of a research project is dependent on the type of respondent or participant brands want to gather feedback on. For example, conducting market research with gastroenterologists is much different than surveying anyone who shops at Target. It requires different best practices and processes to accomplish a successful study with doctors who are constantly on the move. Luckily, we can share some insight into this audience. L

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  • How to Conduct a Patient Loyalty Survey | Medicare Patient Survey Results

    Patient Loyalty Surveys: How (& Why) to Run Them

    Market research and healthcare seem to go hand-in-hand these days. That's because healthcare market research such as patient loyalty surveys provides healthcare practices with a better understanding of similarities and differences among their patients. Healthcare practices often want to better understand the patient experience and levels of satisfaction. The results from these studies are often broken down by several different factors such as: Level of insurance  Insurance carrier Primar

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  • Recruiting Consumers for In-Store Research: Step-By-Step Process

    When one leading U.S. supermarket chain decided to conduct in-store research on their shelf displays in the coffee aisle, Drive Research was contracted for the study. Though there are many ways to replicate a shelf display or aisle, some studies require in-store research. Lucky for them, there are many market research options for grocery stores. One of the biggest industries worth over $800 billion, supermarkets are constantly changing due to consumer demand. And we couldn’t think of a bett

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  • Blog: How to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates

    How to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates

    There may be nothing worse than spending weeks writing, programming, and sending a survey to employees just to see a 2% response rate. First and foremost, I want to commend you for even taking interest in gathering team feedback. But, as an employee survey company, we understand that it’s frustrating to not be rewarded with an influx of actionable data as expected. Want to know how to increase the response rate of your employee survey? You’ve come to the right place. Recently, Drive Researc

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  • How to Conduct a Patient Satisfaction Survey | Healthcare Market Research Company

    Patient Satisfaction Surveys: How Strategies Equal Solutions

    Patient satisfaction surveys, sometimes referred to as patient affinity surveys, are a common methodology in healthcare market research. A patient affinity survey answers the following questions: How satisfied are patients? Do patients trust their primary care physician (PCP)? How likely are patients to switch physicians? Why? How likely are patients to switch medical practices? Why? How can the medical practice improve patient satisfaction? Our healthcare market research firm recently

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  • How to Conduct a Survey with Nurses

    Last year, it was found that enrollment in nursing programs rose by over 3%. This came at a welcome time, as it was unclear how COVID-19 would affect the future of nursing. This post will discuss conducting online surveys with nurses by outlining a case study of a project completed by our healthcare market research company. The main focus is not simply on nursing as a career, but on factors surrounding nursing education. Market research is an excellent way to provide your team with statistic

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Market Research with Military Veterans

    How to Conduct Market Research with Military Veterans

    While almost everyone knows a military veteran, this audience can be tricky to reach and recruit for market research. Especially on a large scale! Luckily for one client who contacted Drive Research, our team has experience with this audience and knows just how to reach them. This case study outlines the step-by-step process for our most recent veteran recruitment project. Step 1: The Kickoff Once a signed contract is in place, our market research firm held a 30-minute kickoff meeting to

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  • Blog: How to Analyze Quantitative Survey Data: Reporting to the Maximum

    How to Analyze Quantitative Survey Data: Reporting to the Maximum

    Analyzing long surveys with endless amounts of data is intimidating, even for the best market researchers. Largely due to the time and attention required for a solid review, extracting the most relevant information from quantitative survey data is a time-consuming process–but for good reason. “Quantitative” refers to broad-scale research – think the bigger picture. There are many common forms of quantitative research we could talk about, but for now, we’ll stick to online surveys. Recently,

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  • Blog: kids laying and laughing in the grass

    How to Get More Members for Kids Programs and Youth Organizations

    After facing changes due to COVID-19 and returning to the new normal, making new friends is an important topic for many parents. So much so, PBS provided tips for parents to help their child(ren) make friends as children's social worlds are expanding again. Luckily for parents and caregivers, there are several different afterschool programs, extracurriculars, and youth classes to help the social development of young children. Consequently, this can mean a lot of competition for nonprofit org

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  • Blog: Name Testing a Healthcare Product or Service

    Name Testing a Healthcare Product or Service

    You are likely never short of ideas when naming a product or service in healthcare. You can spend weeks or months with your internal teams fine-tuning the name and figuring out the best path forward. However, some brands fail to realize that your buyers, not your sellers, determine the best product or service name. Although you may have arrived at an internal consensus, it is always essential to conduct market research to get feedback from your buying audience – whether that be doctors, phys

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  • Blog: Market Research with Small Business IT Decision-Makers

    Market Research with Small Business IT Decision-Makers

    Looking for detailed feedback from IT decision-makers on an upcoming product or service launch? Market research is a great fit! When launching a new product for IT decision-makers, questions from developers may include: How appealing is this new product and why? What benefits of this new product are most appealing? Are there any benefits that aren’t currently mentioned that should be included? What barriers to using the new product exist and why? A recently completed research interview p

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  • Blog: Market Research with Vloggers: Best Practices for Recruiting YouTubers

    Market Research with Vloggers: Best Practices for Recruiting YouTubers

    Social media vloggers, bloggers, and influencers are one of the more popular audiences in research lately. Lucky for many of our clients, Drive Research is highly experienced in recruiting this audience. When an agency reached out to us on behalf of a large international video tech/equipment brand, we knew we were the right fit for the project. This case study blog outlines our step-by-step process of recruiting YouTubers and vloggers. Report: A Brand's Guide to Working with Influencers

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