How to Determine Service-Market Fit in Healthcare

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When you think about service-market fit in healthcare, you want to think about your service providing enough value to customers that they become your brand ambassadors. 

Brand ambassadors that help you grow your customer base because they love your service that much. 

While this is likely every healthcare organization’s goal, it’s surely easier said than done. 

How can you know if your healthcare service is something people would be interested in? How can you know it is the perfect service-market fit?

With market research.

For instance, our market research company recently completed a project with a healthcare company to measure interest in a new healthcare service the facility was considering offering. 

Learn how we used surveys as an effective way to gather insight and feedback needed from customers to help inform decision-making. 

Challenge of Determining Service-Market Fit in Healthcare

A healthcare company contacted Drive Research to conduct a market fit study for a new service offering it considered releasing. 

Ultimately, the team wanted to measure interest in a new service it considered for healthcare professionals.

The objectives of the market fit study included:

  • Understanding if there was interest among customers for the new service offering
  • Testing any value proposition, positioning, and messaging the team prepared
  • Identifying unmet needs in the category of service-offering development

Our healthcare market research company began devising a plan and recommendations for how best to meet their objectives.

💡 The Key Takeaway: Surveys are helpful when measuring the appeal and demand for new healthcare products. They are fast, cost-effective, and produce high-quality data.

george kuhn working at drive research

George Kuhn, Owner and President of Drive Research

The Solution: Online Surveys

Our team conducted an online survey with healthcare professionals to meet the goals and objectives of the project. 

Why use an online survey for concept testing a new healthcare product with doctors

When designed with the objectives and respondents in mind, online surveys are a great tool to measure feasibility, appeal, and interest in a new product or service.

All of which are great predictors of determining service-market fit in healthcare.

The survey helped the team understand the following:

  • How appealing the service was
  • What about the service was most important to customers
  • Feedback on an advertisement for the new service

The survey took an average of 16 minutes to complete and included 35 questions. The survey received 91 responses. Fieldwork for the survey began on September 19 and lasted until October 17, 2022. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: When deciding on the scope of a market research project, the team will take care to understand the goals/objectives, the audience of the survey, and how the team plans to use the results. 

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Approach to Determining Service-Market Fit in Healthcare

Drive Research follows a streamlined process with conduct market research with doctors and physicians. Based on your needs, we can work as quickly as needed.

On average, an online survey project takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. 

Our process of conducting an online survey to determine service-market fit in healthcare includes:

  1. Kickoff meeting. We meet with the client to discuss project goals and objectives.

  2. Survey design. Our team custom writes survey questions based on the client’s unique objectives and audience.

  3. Survey programming. Drive Research programs and tests the online survey to verify it is working as intended. 

  4. Surveying respondents. We send the survey into fieldwork. Drive Research provides clients with a live reporting link to see the data as soon as it comes in.

  5. Cleaning the survey. We perform data quality checks to remove any poor responses based on our strict criteria. 

  6. Reporting. Drive Research creates a comprehensive market research report including an executive summary, question-by-question analysis, and recommendations for how to use the data.

  7. Debrief meeting. We meet with the client to walk through the report and answer any questions before the project closes.

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Sample Survey Questions for Identifying Healthcare Service-Market Fit

This survey was customized based on the unique needs of the new healthcare service project.

It is always important to consider ways to ensure the questions appropriately align with the goals/objectives of the study. 

Wondering what survey questions should be used to measure interest in a new healthcare service? Check out the example questions below.

  • How appealing is the service offering described below? Select a rating. (Consider using a Likert scale rating of 1 to 5, where “1” is not at all appealing and “5” is very appealing.)
  • Please explain why you rated your level of appeal as a [insert response] out of 5. Enter your response below.
  • Thinking about the service offering previously described, which of the following are most important? 
  • Thinking about the service offering described below, how much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? Select a rating for each. 
    • I fully understand it
    • It is relevant to my organization’s needs
    • It seems credible
    • It is well-thought-out 
    • I would tell my colleagues about it 
    • It is different than other services on the market
  • Thinking about the service offering previously described, how likely would you be to pay for it? Select a rating. (Consider using a Likert scale rating of 1 to 5, where “1” is not at all likely and “5” is very likely.)

Online Survey Results

While the results remain completely confidential with the healthcare organization, the report included a raw data file, online report portals with crosstabs, a full report (i.e., executive summary, data visualizations, recommendations), and a 60-minute virtual presentation. 

Objectives addressed in the report included:

  • Gathering and assessing feedback on an ad for the new healthcare service
  • Measuring the appeal of the new healthcare service
  • Specifying what services were most important to customers 
  • Measuring purchase interest for the new healthcare service
  • And more

Looking for more healthcare surveys? Check out this post on how to conduct patient satisfaction surveys

💡 The Key Takeaway: Our team takes a lot of care to ensure the results of the market research answer each of the objectives outlined in the study. We also use data visualizations to help support findings and drive home insight. 

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