Case Study: How to Use a Tracking Survey to Measure Customer Satisfaction Over Time

Many businesses across the country crave the insights from a customer satisfaction study. It is or should be one of the most critical components of a business’s acquisition plan. However, some organizations assume the customer feedback collected in a survey conducted a year or two ago, is still reliable in the present day. 

In order to make business decisions powered by insights and statistics, the data must be constantly evolving and up to date. For this reason, our customer satisfaction company recommends running a tracker survey. 

A tracking study allows for regular and fresh customer feedback - whether that is once a month, once a quarter, or once a year. Not only does a tracking study allow for a steady stream of data, but it is easy to evaluate if customer satisfaction (and other factors) is improving over time.

A tracking study can be conducted in various methods: online, by phone, or by mail. In this example, Drive Research will discuss a mail tracking survey study we are conducting for a cookware company.

tracking survey to measure customer satisfaction over time

Learn how to implement a tracking study to collect regular, up to date, and quality feedback directly from your customers.

Why Mail Surveys?

Our customer satisfaction company typically implements tracker studies through telephone surveys or online surveys. However, these approaches may not be the best fit for every research budget, objective, or company specifications. 

As an alternative, mail surveys can keep research costs down by eliminating the need for interviewers or online survey programming. This is the route a client of ours took in the form of postcard surveys packaged with customer orders. 

Customers received their product, filled out the survey, and returned the prepaid postage survey. This approach works especially well with delivered goods.

Check out the objectives, approach, and outcomes of the study below.


A cookware and household product company partnered with Drive Research to conduct a customer satisfaction tracker survey. The main objective of the market research study is to provide the client with the necessary data to better understand levels of satisfaction throughout the entire customer experience (CX) journey with the company. The survey was designed to help the client track, measure, and monitor levels of customer satisfaction for training purposes.

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To address the objectives for the cookware company, our market research company recommended using mailed survey cards with prepaid return postage to the Drive Research headquarters. The survey also includes a web link to access the survey online to help reduce costs for the client.

Both the mailed and online surveys are labeled with the cookware company branding and sent to new customers with every order. Although all survey recipients reside throughout the U.S., the entire survey process is replicated for Spanish speaking customers.  

Thus far, the online survey has taken an average of 2 minutes to complete and includes 14 questions. The survey receives an average of 60 responses each month. Fieldwork for the survey began in December 2018 and has remained active through the present day (February 2020).

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The detailed findings from the survey outlined in monthly market research deliverables remain confidential with the cookware company. The tracking survey deliverables include a summary of key findings, online portal access to question charts and tables, and a raw data file.

The continuous customer satisfaction survey helps answer the following research objectives:

  1. What is the overall satisfaction among customers?
  2. How does the sales representative impact the customer experience?
  3. How does the order delivery impact the customer experience?
  4. What convinced customers to purchase their products?

Our full market research reports can also include a background and methodology, unique personas for each target audience, an infographic, recommendations and action items, next steps for market research, and a question-by-question breakdown.

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