Is Your Law Firm Advertising Working? | How Online Surveys Can Improve Marketing ROI

Just like any other business, law firms have plenty to gain by conducting market research. A common objective in legal market research studies is understanding how to acquire more clients. While this can be driven by a number of factors including demand, awareness, and competition, one of the biggest factors is often perception.

With the abundance of personal attorney advertisements across all forms of media, it is critical to understand how consumers perceive marketing by law firms. It is important, and possible, to ask your target market questions such as:

  • Where do you pay the most attention to advertisements? Social media, television, billboards, etc?
  • Are the ads you see informative? 
  • What kind of picture does this ad paint of lawyers? 
  • Is what consumers saw enough to motivate initial contact?

In a recent study by our law firm market research company, these are the kinds of questions we asked people who showed interest in joining a class-action lawsuit. 

What follows are the objectives, approach, and outcomes of the study for the law firm.

Is Your Law Firm Advertising Working? | How Online Surveys Can Improve Marketing ROI

Legal market research can help you understand people’s sources of awareness, improvements to advertisements, barriers to contacting a law firm, and motivations for taking the next steps. 


A personal injury law firm in Louisiana partnered with Drive Research to conduct a market research study concerning an ongoing class-action lawsuit. The main objectives of the research were to understand:

  • Source(s) of awareness
  • Improvements to advertisements
  • Barriers to contacting a law firm
  • Motivations for taking the next steps 

At a high level, our law firm client wanted to get to the bottom of why more individuals were not reaching out in response to their advertisements. 


To address the objectives for the law firm, Drive Research recommended an online survey. Online surveys are one of the most cost-effective market research methodologies. 

Also, our market research firm has found online surveys offer a quick turnaround and most importantly gather quality data. Together, the advantages of conducting online survey research created a strong ROI for our law firm client.

The online survey was branded as the law firm and sent to contacts who were part of its list of leads who expressed interest in its class-action lawsuit.

Fieldwork for the survey began on December 17, 2019, and lasted until January 14, 2020. The online survey took an average of 3 minutes to complete and included 10 questions. The survey received 30 responses. 


The detailed findings from the survey outlined in a market research deliverable remain confidential with the law firm. 

The survey research deliverables included a summary of key findings, PDF exports of survey question charts and tables, and a raw data file. This approach was used to provide immediate results and reduced end costs for the client. 

Our full market research reports typically include a background and methodology, key findings, unique personas for each target audience, an infographic, recommendations and action items, next steps for market research, and a question-by-question breakdown.

The market research answered the following research objectives:

  1. What channel led to in the initial contact with the law firm?
  2. What mental images are associated with the topic? 
  3. What one thing is most remembered from the ad?
  4. What information was most important from the ad?
  5. What was disliked about the ad?
  6. What are the barriers or hesitations to taking the next steps?
  7. What unanswered questions exist after seeing the ad?
  8. What ultimately motivated the initial contact?


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