Online Reputation Management (ORM)

online reputation management in buffalo, ny with drive research

Working with Our Buffalo ORM Company 

What is ORM?

ORM is creating a formal process to invite customers to provide their feedback on your product, service, or brand and redirecting them to leave a review on a popular rating website such as Google, Yelp, etc. 

What are the benefits of ORM?

With ORM, negative ratings are intercepted and sent to your organization to respond, before a customer published the review online. While online reputation management near Buffalo does not prevent all negative feedback being shared online, it does provide your organization with more positive reviews than if no ORM process was in place. This helps reduce the ratio of negative feedback, with a constant stream of positive ratings. 

What is the ORM process?

An online reputation management company near Buffalo will work with your team to set up an automated process to ask for customer feedback on a regular basis. A short survey is sent to your list of customers through email or text. Customers who rated positively are redirected to a website of your choosing to share this review with a public audience. Customers who rated negatively, remain on the survey to answer additional questions about their experience, never being redirected to an online rating website. This allows your organization to internally review the negative feedback and choose how to proceed. 

How is ORM different with Drive Research?

Collecting customer feedback is at the heart of our market research company near Buffalo. No other national online reputation management company understands the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction quite like we do. Drive Research crafts an individualized customer satisfaction survey with your objectives and needs in mind. Our customer satisfaction surveys are designed to better understand levels of customer loyalty, with the added expertise of integrating an automated process for online reputation management.

How much does ORM cost?

The cost of ORM differs for each business near Buffalo and those in the surrounding regions. Our Buffalo ORM firm promises to work with your organization to create a scope of work and project plan that best meets the needs and specifications for your custom ORM program.

Interested in learning more about how our Buffalo ORM firm can help your organization garner more positive reviews online? Reach out to our team for a quote, estimate, or ORM proposal.

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