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Working with Our Buffalo User Experience (UX) Company 

What is UX?

A qualitative form of research, user experience (UX) places a focus on a website, software, or application. It involves studying the overall experience of a person using these platforms, in terms of how easy or satisfying it is to use. Typically, businesses conduct this type of market research if they are planning a relaunch or redesign of their current website, platform, or app. 

What are the benefits of UX?

While UX market research carries many meanings across industries, our UX research company near Buffalo focuses on collecting live feedback. Drive Research asks participants to share their screen during their online experience in order for the research interviewer can analyze specific likes, dislikes, issues, and suggested improvements before launching a website or app to the masses. With an improved user experience, businesses earn a greater customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, leading to returning and increased sales. 

How does the UX research process work?

When working with a UX market research company near Buffalo, like Drive Research, it is important to clearly state your objectives for completing this analysis. This will help guide the user experience research firm to decide upon the best methodology and plan of action for your specific needs and expectations for both parties. After a workplan is initiated, Drive Research will develop a recruitment screener, start the recruit, create a user experience moderator’s guide, perform the fieldwork, run the analysis, and draft a full comprehensive UX market research firm report.

Based on the needs of your organization, a UX research report may include a themed executive summary, action items and recommendations, an infographic, and an appendix outlining the intricate details from your UX respondents or participants. 

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How does Drive Research recruit participants for UX?

After understanding who your target respondents and participants are such as age, gender, education level, etc., our UX company near Buffalo will create an online screener survey. This survey will be advertised to those in your target demographic through our in-house panel and social media. 

How much does UX research cost?

There are many different ways to conduct UX research, therefore there is no one price point. For example, user experience can be addressed quantitatively through a survey or qualitatively in a one-on-one interview. Our user experience company near Buffalo and surrounding areas will partner with your team to decide what route is best. From here, Drive Research will be able to offer a more definitive cost for your UX research project. 

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