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Working with Our Buffalo Qualitative Recruiting Company

Why is qualitative recruiting necessary?

Qualitative recruiting companies near Buffalo like Drive Research help organizations find, qualify, and sign up participants for important market research projects. Companies like Drive Research have access to panels of pre-registered participants and the ability to digitally target the most difficult to find consumer and business audiences.

What types of qualitative recruiting near Buffalo can Drive Research conduct?

Drive Research specializes in all types of recruiting, both qualitative and quantitative. Whether you have a need for a survey, focus group, in-depth interviews (IDIs), user experience (UX) interviews, or any other form of market research, our qualitative and quantitative recruiting company near Buffalo can help.

What is the process of our qualitative recruiting company?

Our qualitative recruiting company near Buffalo starts by pre-screening participants online. This is sent to a combination of our panel members across the country (or in a smaller geography like Western New York) and through paid social media advertisements. Participants qualify for the study online and then are called and re-screened on key criteria. We also follow-up with participants using a confirmation email, calendar invite, reminder phone call, and reminder text. This helps produce high show rates.

What is the timeline for recruiting?

Our qualitative recruiting company near Buffalo moves fast. The timeline quoted for your qualitative recruiting project is dependent on the difficulty in finding the audience. More difficult to find audiences require more time, while general population audiences can be recruiting much quicker. Our qualitative and quantitative recruiting company can provide an estimate.

How much does it cost for qualitative recruiting?

Similar to the timeframe, the cost of your market research recruit in Buffalo is dependent on the scope of your project. The cost depends on the number of participants you require, how difficult the audience is to find, what percent of the audience will qualify for the study (incidence rate), and the number of questions in your screener which impacts project management and programming time.

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