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Working with Our Buffalo Customer Experience (CX) Company 

What is CX?

Customer experience (CX) market research aims to understand a customer’s journey as a whole by measuring each individual touchpoint. CX market research typically involves a number of surveys and trackers to obtain a 360-view of buying patterns and behaviors. 

What are the benefits of CX?

This type of market research allows a customer experience company near Buffalo and their client to understand the impact each customer touchpoint has on the overall customer experience. By conducting a series of surveys, CX market research is also able to focus on all aspects of your organization. In doing so, companies are able to prioritize major touchpoints that impact loyalty and satisfaction, across multiple channels. What is the process for CX?

The customer experience process with our CX firm near Buffalo is a simple one. After signing-on to work with Drive Research, we will reach out to your team for a kickoff meeting. This assures both parties are on the same page regarding a workplan, objectives, and prioritization of key customer touchpoints. From here, our Buffalo customer experience company moves on to the survey design, programming, testing, and fieldwork. After fieldwork is complete for your CX program, we will start a full analysis and reporting of the findings. 

What do the deliverables look like for CX?

Our Buffalo CX company helps your organization measure the entire customer experience by creating multiple different surveys. In many of our Buffalo CX firm programs, this includes researching main stakeholders through transactional surveys, customer loyalty surveys, and employee surveys. One of the key deliverables of a continuous program with our CX company near Buffalo is having access to a real-time portal reporting on up-to-the-second responses.

How much does a CX program cost?

The cost of CX program with our customer experience company near Buffalo and surrounding regions is evaluated based on an organization’s specific needs and objectives. The type of surveys conducted and the level of reporting are only a few factors that impact the cost of CX market research. Drive Research can work with your team to understand what is needed for the most beneficial outcome. 

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