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What is a customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is a formal way of asking customers for feedback. In essence, customer satisfaction studies are built to measure and define levels of customer loyalty. Customers are asked to share their opinions about an organization’s products, services, and experiences. A customer satisfaction survey can be conducted through many different outlets such as online, email, and mail. It’s not uncommon to see satisfaction surveys via comment cards or the bottom of receipts either. Regardless of the methodology, customer satisfaction surveys have proven to be a great value for all types of businesses and industries. 

What are the benefits of customer satisfaction surveys?

For any business, small or large, the feedback collected from customer satisfaction surveys is invaluable. This type of market research helps identify areas of improvement for a business based on the needs and expectations of its customers. For this reason, customer satisfaction surveys are not a one and done type of study. The more businesses near Buffalo and surrounding areas conduct customer satisfaction surveys, the quicker major complaints and dissatisfaction are rectified. This shows not only does your business care about the opinions and feedback of your customers but also you are willing to react and make a change to improve overall satisfaction. 

What is the customer satisfaction survey process?

Our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo follows a streamlined process. Drive Research works with your team to identify your goals to determine what is the best approach for your customer satisfaction survey. After a proposal is signed off, our customer satisfaction firm will schedule a kick-off meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page with objectives and expectations in order to discuss next steps. Then we’re off! A workplan is created, a survey is drafted and programmed, fieldwork is administered, and a report is written. Depending on the level of reporting your organization wishes, Drive Research can provide it all. Most businesses in Buffalo and surrounding areas receive a report including:

  • Executive summary of themes
  • Recommendations for next steps
  • An infographic
  • Customer personas 
  • Question-by-question breakdown of results

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What is the timeline for a customer survey?

Every organization in Buffalo is different. The timeline for a customer survey is dependent on various factors such as the type of methodology used. For example, customer satisfaction surveys via mail will take longer than those conducted online. With more insight and detail into your project, our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo will be able to provide a more finite timeline. 

Why you should work with a customer satisfaction survey company?

Our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo and surrounding areas has access to best-practice metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and other performance indicators. With this analysis, Drive Research is able to help benchmark or compare the results of your customer satisfaction survey against industry peers and competitors. Our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo will work as an extension to your team to provide analysis, recommendations, and action items for the next steps. 

How much do customer satisfaction surveys cost?

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most cost-effective market research studies. The cost of this type of project with a customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo is driven by a number of factors. Drive Research will work with your team to decide the best choice of methodology, the appropriate length of the customer satisfaction survey, the level of reporting, and other various factors that impact the cost of a satisfaction survey. Our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo can work within the confines of almost any budget.  

Interested in learning what drives satisfaction and loyalty among your customers? Reach out to our customer satisfaction survey company near Buffalo for a quote or proposal.

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