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Working with Our Buffalo Online Survey Company

Why use an online survey?

An online survey is one of the most common methodologies used by businesses. Our online survey company near Buffalo works with small businesses and large brands across Upstate New York. Online surveys are a cost-effective and quick way to obtain feedback for your market research. Whether you are looking to test a new concept, understand your customer satisfaction, grow in a new market, or understand your perception in the community, the feedback obtained from online surveys will result in a strong return on investment (ROI).

How are online surveys conducted?

Our online survey company near Buffalo often conducts online surveys through email. This is especially true for any customer survey where we lean on our client databases to send invitations and reminders from our survey platform. No customer list? Not a problem. We have lists and the ability to target potential respondents digitally through vehicles like social media. Drive Research has its own in-house panel of participants. Is your business B2B, our Buffalo online survey company can help there as well.

Can anyone write an online survey?

Crafting an online survey is a science. Writers have to pay close attention to the word choices, length, flow, and potential responses. Using an expert online survey company near Buffalo like Drive Research ensures you gather reliable, accurate, and trustworthy data without any bias.

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What is the process work with our online survey company near Buffalo?

Online survey projects at Drive Research follow a streamlined process. This includes a proposal, kickoff, workplan, survey drafting, survey programming, testing, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting. Our online survey company near Buffalo works with clients to manage all of these steps, while sometimes budgets allow for our team to be involved in a few of these steps. Our online survey process can be customized to fit your needs.

What is the cost of an online survey?

All of our online survey projects are customized based on the size, scope, and specific deliverables. Studies can be customized to nearly any budget.

Need an online survey proposal from our Buffalo online survey company?

Have a request or need a proposal? Our online survey company develops custom proposals for each and every client. The proposal outlines all of the steps of the project and the details. Prefer to send out a paper survey or mail survey instead? We can assist. Contact our online survey company near Western New York for more information.

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