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Working with Our Buffalo Phone Survey Company 

What is a phone survey?

Phone surveys began as a core market research methodology decades ago and still prove to be in the forefront. This form of qualitative or quantitative research centers around collecting deeper feedback from a two-way active communication between the interviewer and respondents.

What are the benefits of a phone survey?

When compared to other types of market research methodologies, phone surveys encourage active, personable conversations between two-parties. This, in turn, provides a high quality of data and feedback.

Where the feedback from online surveys is dependent on how much or how little respondents are going to answer a question, the interviewer has the luxury of asking participants to explain their answer in more detail during a phone survey. Additionally, phone survey participants are more likely to offer thorough feedback because it takes less time to state your opinion than it does to write or type.

What is the phone survey process with our phone survey company near Buffalo?

Our phone survey company near Buffalo makes for an easy yet thorough market research process. The process with our phone survey company near Buffalo includes a discovery meeting with your team to understand project objectives. Next, Drive Research will send a proposal to outline the scope of work and cost for the phone survey project. If approved, our Buffalo phone survey company will again meet with your team for a project kickoff meeting to review needs, potential questions to ask and more.

With this information we are able to draft the phone survey screener and survey, outlining all questions for your team to review. Once your team signs off on the phone survey questions, the qualified survey representatives from our phone survey firm near Buffalo will begin fieldwork. Lastly, Drive Research will perform a full analysis and quality check of the completed phone surveys. This will guide the final report including data insights, strategies, and recommendations for your organization. 

How much do phone surveys cost?

The cost of a phone survey varies based on the scope of the project. Our phone survey company near Buffalo works with your team closely to understand your objectives and goals. This information will help steer factors such as the number of phone survey responses, how long the phone interviews will take, and the level of reporting necessary. Once the scope of the project is more defined, Drive Research will be able to provide you with a clearer estimate for the cost of a Buffalo phone survey. 

Interested in learning more or receiving a phone survey proposal from our phone survey company near Buffalo? Contact us for an estimate or quote for your project.

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