Mystery Shopping

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Working with Our Buffalo Mystery Shopping Company

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a type of market research which uses a secret shopper to act as a real customer in order to evaluate customer experience, in-person, over the phone, or online. Participants can be trained in-detail about what to evaluate and specific scenarios to test, or completely blinded to what they should be evaluating until the shops are over. Mystery shops are most beneficial for organizations with some type of customer service or in-store foot traffic.

What are the benefits of mystery shopping?

There are a number of different benefits for conducting mystery shops. It provides a variety of insight into aspects such as levels of service, product availability, staff friendliness, staff knowledge, and more. Mystery shopping allows organizations to gain reliable, specific, and quality feedback from the customer point of view. The feedback collected from mystery shops lead to better customer service, therefore increasing customer retention.

How does the mystery shopping process work?

A mystery shopping company near Buffalo, like Drive Research, will work with your team to understand your project objectives such as only needing a few mystery shops to explore customer experience or a full plan of measuring or benchmarking shopper’s experiences throughout the year.

From here, Drive Research will create a workplan, create an evaluation form, administer fieldwork, analyze the feedback, and deliver a comprehensive mystery shop research report. The reporting process followed by our Buffalo mystery shopping firm does not only analyze the shopper’s experience but walks you through the mystery shops step-by-step.

How much does mystery shopping cost?

It is hard to say. Are you hoping to conduct qualitative or quantitative mystery shops? Does the mystery shop involve in-store experiences or a phone conversation with customer service? How many locations are being studied? The answers to these questions and more will help our mystery shopping company near Buffalo provide an estimate. Don’t worry! Our team is happy to meet with you to help provide insight into what will be best for your specific mystery shop needs.

Drive Research’s mystery shopping programs for you are like being there as a customer, without being there. Contact our mystery shopping firm near Buffalo for a quote, estimate, or proposal.

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