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Working with Our Buffalo Focus Group Company

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a type of qualitative market research with the objective of exploring a product, service, brand, or concept. It is a group discussion made up of 4 to 12 participants led by a focus group moderator or facilitator. Our qualitative research company hosts focus groups near Buffalo and all over Upstate New York. Although we are headquartered in Central New York, our recruiting and qualitative services reach across the country.

What are the benefits of a focus group?

As opposed to quantitative research aimed to measure, the intent of focus groups near Buffalo are geared to explore. The group discussions lend well to engaging dialogue and gives a brand the ability to dig deep into a customer experience (CX) to understand the motivators and the why behind behaviors. Although the moderator follows a pre-scripted guide, the setting allows the focus group company facilitator to change on the fly and explore new insights as they come up.

What are the steps in the focus group process?

Focus groups near Buffalo and Western New York with Drive Research follow a structured process. This includes the drafting of a proposal, kickoff meeting, workplan development, screener to qualify participants, recruitment, moderator guide design, booking a location, hosting the groups, and a report.

What do the deliverables for a focus group look like?

The deliverables for your focus groups near Buffalo can be customized to your needs. Some clients may request a basic topline report while other organizations enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive report which explains all of the findings in great detail. Other sub-deliverables include video recordings, audio recordings, and transcripts which document the word-for-word focus group discussion.

How much do focus groups cost?

The cost of focus groups near Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas are dependent on the size and scope of your project. For example, 4 focus groups cost more than 2. Recruiting 12 participants will cost more than recruiting 8. Targeting a highly specific audience will cost more than recruiting a general population audience. 

Our qualitative market research company will create a custom proposal for your needs. Need a quote for focus groups near Western New York or Buffalo? Reach out to our market research company.

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