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What is content marketing research?

Content marketing research involves using an online survey to drive a content strategy for all types of organizations. The main objective of content marketing research is to share the results in a fun, creative, and noteworthy way to attract interest for leads and clients. This market research study is also described as research-based content, research-driven content, or original research.

What are the benefits of content marketing research?

As opposed to traditional market research which typically remains confidential and in-house, original research is purposely designed to generate insights to be shared in content rollouts. There is possibly no other market research methodology that produces a greater ROI. This is because, research-driven content near Buffalo helps position a brand as a thought leader on a topic or industry, create downloadable lead-generation pieces, and new copy to feature on websites and sales collateral. Lack of resources and writer’s block is no longer an issue with content marketing research.

How can content marketing research be used?

Original research offers a variety of deliverables to enhance a marketing and content strategy. The core value of obtaining fresh and unique data for content is the ability to repurpose the results in many ways. With content marketing research near Buffalo, your organization can produce valuable insights through blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, webinars, press releases, etc.

What is the process for content marketing research?

A content marketing research company near Buffalo, like Drive Research, will design, program, and field an online survey to your target audience. The results of the online survey will be used to create a thorough, detailed report including an executive summary, an infographic, an analytic breakdown question-by-question, and more. Think beyond a single blog post summarizing the findings of the online survey. This report can be repurposed into a variety of content deliverables and drive the messaging featured on your website.

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How does our content marketing research near Buffalo company find respondents?

Drive Research, a content marketing research company servicing B2B and B2C companies near Buffalo, uses a combination of panels and social media to reach the targeted respondents.

Can the report and deliverables be customized?

Absolutely. Our research-driven content firm works with your team to understand project objectives and translates those needs into creative and insightful questions in the online survey. Question responses which generate powerful data build a customized, easily digestible research report. Even though content marketing research is centered around repurposing content, Drive Research does not believe in repurposing our reports client after client. Every company in Buffalo and the surrounding area is different, therefore so is your report.

How much does content marketing research cost?

As previously stated, original research offers a great ROI due to the amount of content deliverables available. With that being said, each project is a case by case scenario. There is no tried and true, overarching cost. A more defined estimate is based on the number of questions in an online survey, the demographics of target respondents, an incentive for survey respondents, etc. With a little more insight into your specific project objectives and specifications, our content marketing research company near Buffalo will be able to provide a clear estimate for your project.

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