Case Study: At-Home Product Testing Market Research Study

Drive Research recently completed a national at-home product testing project with an international brand looking to launch in the U.S. At-home usage tests or in-home usage tests (IHUTs) is a process in which participants are recruited for a study and shipped a product free of charge. The participant uses the product and typically reports feedback on their usage through a follow-up survey, phone call, or at-home interview.

Learn more about a recent study completed by our team for a leak detection device in this at-home usage product test case study.

Case Study: At-Home Product Testing Market Research Study

An at-home product test can help a brand understand barriers to usage, appeal, consumer behavior, and purchase intent. Learn more about a recent study Drive Research completed.


The study recruited users from 17 different cities in the U.S. to complete an in-home usage test (IHUT) of the product. The client was trying to understand and adapt the device for international markets. The market research helped the company understand the potential appeal and barriers with expansion markets through the IHUT.


To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recruited participants across the
country in urban and suburban areas of the designated cities. Drive Research utilized an online pre-qualification recruitment survey to find targeted participants for the survey. This process worked extremely well and was cost-efficient, timely, and offered a quality sample of random individual testers.

A total of 600 individuals were recruited to participate across 3 waves (200 participants each). Additional recruits were needed for this 3-phase project to obtain an estimated 480 participants in total (160 per wave). This over-sampling accounts for drop-out, moving, and other non-participation.

Phase 1: Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Atlanta, Denver
Phase 2: Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix
Phase 3: San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Reno, Salt Lake City

The screening criteria for the in-home usage product testing was as follows:

(1) private homeowners (no tenants or landlords)
(2) live in a house (not a flat or apartment)
(3) have access to their main water pipe in their home to install the device
(4) be willing to leave the device installed for 12 months

Participants received a $100 Amazon voucher for a completed trial paid at the conclusion of the process. Participants were required to complete a pre-trial survey to understand eligibility and needs. Finally, participants were willing to agree to the terms and conditions of the study (including agreeing to the installation of the device, allowing the device to track data, etc.)

Drive Research programmed a pre-qualification recruitment survey to find testers. This was completed through an online national panel with participants who have expressed interest in future market research. As needed, Drive Research back-filled respondents using targeted social media advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The combination of this digital outreach provided us access to a large variety of populations and demographics.

Following the pre-qualification recruitment survey, the client contacted participants to set up possible appointments with engineers. Not all would be selected, but all were required to agree to allow an initial in-home visit if selected. A link to the terms and conditions was also included in the pre-qualification recruitment survey.

Scheduling and installation appointments for select participants were managed by the client. Best practices were communicated to the client to assist with participants to keep the study top-of-mind and to keep them engaged in the testing. This was crucial to keep participation rates high. The client managed all scheduling, appointments, installations, payouts, and
mail back of devices. Participants were provided a return label.


Here were the details of the in-home product test for the client. This highlights the key points of the project and what was required as part of the IHUT project.

  • 600 participants in 17 cities over 3 tiered waves
  • Estimating a result of 480 testers
  • All participants who qualify answered the pre-qualification survey
  • Drive Research sent a list of qualified contacts as the final deliverable (n600)
  • The client handled scheduling, reminders, and confirmations for install
  • Potential of 1 in-home visit for select participants from engineers
  • Return of equipment, vouchers, and follow-up to be managed by client

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