Personal Injury Attorney Survey | Market Research Case Study

Our personal injury attorney survey company recently completed a market research project with a law firm. Our attorney market research company used a two-pronged approach to collect both quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (exploratory) feedback.

The combination of these two approaches provided the personal injury lawyer with insights and direction to assist with branding and strategy. This article highlights the key points of the survey process.

Personal Injury Attorney Survey | Market Research Case Study

Learn how our market research survey company provided a personal injury law firm with key insights to assist its branding and marketing strategy.


A regional personal injury attorney hired our market research company to assist with a market survey. The survey included understanding key brand metrics such as attorney awareness, source(s) of awareness for the lawyer, perceptions of the law firm and its competitors, and the image of the personal injury attorney and competitors.

The market research also addressed factor(s) in choice when considering a personal injury lawyer as well as the likelihood to consider the sponsor in the targeted designated market areas (DMAs).

The second component of the market research was designed to gather additional context and explore the decision-making process for personal injury lawyers.


Our attorney survey company used a combination of (1) an online survey of over 500 responses and (2) 4 follow-up in-depth interviews (IDIs) conducted by phone.

Fieldwork for the online survey took place over 2 weeks in March. The survey consisted of 16 questions and took respondents an average of 5 minutes to complete. A total of 524 responses were collected for this study.

This sample size for a personal injury lawyer market survey was highly reliable. With a random sample, this means the margin of error was +/- 4%. If the survey were conducted 100 times over, the results would yield within +4 or -4% at the 95% confidence level.

To recruit and conduct the follow-up interviews, Drive Research utilized a combination of a contact list of inquiries who ultimately did not become clients of the sponsor, those who opt-in from the market survey, and additional social media outreach. A total of 4 IDIs were conducted as part of the follow-up market research. These were conducted over a 1-week time period.


The market research was focused on the consumer audience across three core DMAs for the client. This included two markets which were core geographies for the client. It also included a third market which was identified as geography for expansion.

Before jumping into the market, the survey was used to help the personal injury law firm identify market opportunity and competitive players. This minimized the risk of market expansion and gave the attorney plenty of insights to help with new market entry strategies.

Respondents were screened to ensure they were:

(1) a resident of one of the 3 targeted DMAs
(2) at least 18 years of age
(3) not currently employed at a law firm


The outcome of the market research was headlined by a full and detailed personal injury law firm report. This included an executive summary of themed findings answering the core objectives, quotes from the interviews, recommendations, action items, an infographic, respondent persona, and an appendix of question-by-question results broken down by age, income, and market. The market research report totaled over 100 pages of content.

Here is some of the value and ROI the personal injury attorney received from the market survey results with our market research company:

Benefit 1: Key performance indicators (KPIs) for awareness and perception.

With these measurements in place, the personal injury law firm can measure future marketing and advertising performance. All of the spending on advertising now has metrics in place to assess growth or regression of awareness, perception, and even likelihood to consider in each of the three core markets.

Benefit 2: Understanding drivers to competitive usage.

A key concern for the personal injury attorney was how much business was being lost to competitors and more importantly, why? This was tested in both the online survey and interviews. It was determined the majority of cases lost to a key competitor was due to the perception the competitor was more affordable. Knowing this, the attorney is able to adjust the marketing campaign with specific messaging to address this and counteract this lost business.

Benefit 3: Entrance into a new market.

Although the personal injury lawyer had a strong presence in each market, the firm always wondered about expansion into an adjacent market. The survey was able to tell them how successful this transition could be. It collected information on competitors, perceptions, and areas of weakness of those competitors. This gives them a clear and direct go-to-market strategy with specific tactics including channels most likely to offer the highest ROI.


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