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Working with Our Qualitative Recruiting Company in Syracuse

Why is qualitative recruiting necessary?

The success of your qualitative or quantitative market research method is dependent on the type of qualified participants recruited. If your target market is not reflected in the group of participants, the feedback collected from the study will be useless. Our qualitative recruiting company in Syracuse helps businesses find, screen, and sign up participants for a variety of studies. Drive Research has access to a large pool of participants who have voluntarily signed up to be notified when new quantitative and qualitative research opportunities arise. We also have the skill and know-how to utilize digital targeting for those tougher to find or niche audiences.

What types of qualitative recruiting can Drive Research provide?

Drive Research is a full-service market research company in Syracuse. Our breadth of knowledge expands to both qualitative and quantitative recruitment services. This includes, but is not limited to, surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, customer experience (CX) research, user experience (UX) interviews, and voice of customer (VoC) research.

What is the process like working with our Syracuse qualitative recruiting company?

Drive Research believes in asking more from qualitative and quantitative recruiting. Our qualitative and quantitative recruiting company in Syracuse prides ourselves on producing 100% show rates for our clients. How do we do it? Drive Research follows a strict pre-screening, screening, and follow-up recruitment process. This begins by pre-screening participants online through our exclusive research panel and social media paid advertisements. These participants are asked to take an online survey to determine if they qualify for the qualitative or quantitative study. Those who qualify receive a phone call from Drive Research to ensure their answers were honest and a good fit. Lastly, those who are chosen to participate in the study are sent a confirmation email, calendar invitation, an additional reminder phone call, and a text message.

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What is the timeline for qualitative recruiting?

By placing focus on digital outreach through our panel members from all over the country (or in a specific area such as Central New York) and paid social media advertising, our qualitative recruiting company in Syracuse is able to produce fast results. With that being said, the exact timeline of your qualitative recruiting project may be impacted by the level of difficulty in finding your target audience. For example, a target audience of elderly women in Cortland County will be harder to recruit than all women in the Syracuse DMA, thus requiring a longer timeline. With a little insight into your project specifications, our qualitative and quantitative recruiting company in Syracuse is happy to provide an estimate.

How much does it cost for qualitative recruiting in Syracuse?

This answer is similar to that of the timeline for qualitative recruiting. The cost of your qualitative or quantitative recruit in Syracuse is dependent on the specifications of your project.

The cost for your market research recruit depends on the answers to the following questions:

  • How many participants are needed for the study?
  • How difficult is the audience to locate?
  • What percent of the audience will be able to participate in the study?
  • How many questions are required in your screener?

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