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What is content marketing research?

Content marketing research allows organizations of all sizes and sectors to create a strong content strategy with the use of online surveys. This service is also referenced as research-based content, research-driven content, and original research. The value of content marketing research is to share the data in a new, creative, and attractive way to generate interest for leads and clients.

What are the benefits of content marketing research?

Typically, the feedback from a market research study remain private with the client. On the contrary, research-driven content is purposely conducted to find new insights in order to repurpose the findings through various content rollouts. Because of the many different types of content pieces, content marketing research is believed to produce the highest ROI compared to other methodologies.

Content marketing research near Syracuse helps a brand position itself as a thought leader for a specific industry or topic. This type of service also aids in creating downloadable lead-generation content for a website, or new copy for sales collateral. Writer’s block and lack of resources are common challenges for organizations, struggling to create an effective content marketing strategy.

These problems are resolved with research-based content.

How can content marketing research be used?

The opportunities for new content and copy are endless with content marketing research as this is a core value of the service. With content marketing research near Syracuse, your organization can create valuable resources such as:

  • Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Industry reports
  • Press releases

What is the process for content marketing research?

A research-driven content company near Syracuse, like Drive Research, will design, program, and field a survey to your target respondents. The data collected through an online survey will be used to develop a customizable, detailed report including an executive summary, an infographic, an analytic question-by-question breakdown, and more. One research report does not equate to one blog post summarizing the findings of the study. Instead, the feedback from original research should be repurposed into a variety of content deliverables and new featured website copy.

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How does our content marketing research company find respondents?

Drive Research, a content marketing research company near Syracuse has partnered with B2B and B2C companies in the area to find many different respondents. We are able to reach any targeted audience through our in-house research panel and social media.

Can the report and deliverables be customized?

Yes. Although the basis of content marketing research is to reuse the findings of a survey for a variety of different content deliverables, Drive Research does not take this same approach to our reports. Each research report developed by our original research company near Syracuse, is customized and specific for our client’s objectives and needs.

How much does content marketing research cost?

It depends. While content marketing research delivers an impressive ROI for many businesses, it is hard to provide one price point with little insight into project goals and expectations. Drive Research will work with your team to determine key factors of a research-driven content project such as length of survey, required number of respondents, and an offered incentive. These factors and more impact the cost of a content marketing research project.

Interested in learning how original research can help? Contact our content marketing research company near Syracuse for an estimate or proposal for your next project.

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