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Working with Our Phone Survey Company in Syracuse

What is a phone survey?

Phone surveys, both qualitative and quantitative, are a market research methodology involving an in-depth conversation between research participants and a qualified interviewer. The active two-way communication channel of phone surveys, started as a core market research study years ago and still remains at the forefront of marketing research methodologies. 

What are the benefits of a phone survey?

In comparison to other forms of marketing research studies, phone interviews allow and encourage active, personable conversations between the professional interviewer and research participants. Researchers are no longer restricted by text boxes of an online survey, but instead can ask phone survey participants to go into greater detail when providing their opinions, feelings, or experiences. This forum provides an extremely high quality of data and feedback for businesses of all sectors and sizes.

What is the phone survey process with our phone survey company near Syracuse?

Our phone survey company near Syracuse follows a simple step-by-step process. It starts with a marketing research proposal which covers your team’s specific objectives, the scope of work, and the cost. Once signed-off, our phone survey company near Syracuse will schedule a kickoff meeting with your team to review project goals and next steps. Next, the phone survey is drafted and available to review by your team. Drive Research then programs the survey into our computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing program (CATI) to be tested.

After fieldwork is complete, our team will begin to analyze the findings and draft a market research report. The final report from our phone survey company near Syracuse is not just a data dump of statistics and numbers. Drive Research includes context, interpretations, recommendations, and action items for next steps. With this report, your organization will be able to move forward with detailed results and ultimately maximize your ROI. 

How much do phone surveys cost?

Each phone survey project completed with our phone survey company near Syracuse is different, therefore the cost of this type of study varies. Before sending over a proposal or an estimate for a phone survey, Drive Research will discuss the objectives and specifications for this project with your team. From here, we are able to identify the recommended number of phone survey completes, the time frame of each interview, and the level of reporting for your team. With this insight, our phone survey company near Syracuse will provide your team with a more defined estimate for the cost of a phone survey. 

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