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intercept surveys in syracuse, ny with Drive Research

Working with Our Intercept Survey Company in Syracuse

What is an intercept survey?

Intercept surveys are a type of quantitative market research with the purpose of collecting in-person feedback, on the spot. This form of market research with our intercept survey company in Syracuse focuses on a specific location including stores, sporting events, concerts, and asks visitors to answer questions as they are about to enter or as they are exiting the venue. Generally, questions asked in an intercept survey center on the emotions, experiences, and overall feedback of the customer.

What are the benefits of these surveys with our intercept survey company in Syracuse?

There is no better market research study for in-the-moment feedback. Follow-up email surveys and phone surveys are typically sent to a customer days, weeks, even months after their visit has taken place. Research conducted with an intercept survey company in Syracuse like Drive Research is instead able to collect feedback as soon as a visitor exits the location. When conducted freshly after a visit to the grocery store or trip to the mall, customers are able to offer interviewers highly reliable and accurate reviews. Also, by interviewing real-life visitors as they exit an establishment, the sample quality is very high compared to other market research methodologies.

What is the process for conducting intercept surveys?

Our intercept survey company in Syracuse follows a strict protocol for this type of study. Drive Research’s process for intercept surveys include:

  • Proposal
  • Project Kickoff
  • Workplan
  • Survey
  • Programmed survey on a tablet or written survey on a clipboard
  • Fieldwork
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

What are the advantages of working with our intercept survey firm in Syracuse?

Drive Research calls Syracuse, NY our home. We have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work with several other organizations in Syracuse and the surrounding Central New York area. Our intercept survey firm holds the tools, capabilities, and knowledge to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. The feedback gathered from an intercept survey performed by Drive Research promises to address key objectives, drive operations, and improve marketing strategies for your organization.

How much does an intercept survey cost?

The cost of an intercept survey ranges based on the number of factors built into this type of project. With our Syracuse intercept survey company, each study is customizable per the client’s requests. How many visitors do you want to complete the survey? How long is the survey? What type of reporting and analysis does your organization need? The answers to these questions will help create a more definitive pricing structure. Fortunately, with this level of customization the scope can meet most any budget constraints.

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