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Working with Our Online Survey Company in Syracuse

What are the benefits of an online survey?

Looking for assistance with an online or email survey? Our online survey company in Syracuse is here in Central New York to help your business. Online surveys are an excellent methodology to capture affordable and timely feedback from customers and non-customers alike.

Drive Research works with your team as a consultant to craft the right questionnaire to get you the answers you need.

How are online surveys used?

Regardless of your objective, our online survey company in Syracuse will find your answers to your most challenging business questions.

Online surveys can help:

  • Better segment your customers for marketing
  • Understand the appeal of a new concept or market
  • Identify opportunities for increased revenue for your business

Our online survey process is customized to address any and all business objectives.

How does our online survey company in Syracuse find respondents?

We capture online survey feedback through a variety of sources. Your project will dictate which is the most affordable and quality path.

The most common source of a sample is a database of customers for a customer survey or customer satisfaction survey.

This is completed by our team sending email invitations out and several reminders to boost response rates.

Other sample sources available to our online survey company in Syracuse include purchased lists, paid digital targeting through social media, and our in-house panel of consumers and business professionals in Central New York.

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Will my online survey be biased if we conduct in-house?

Online surveys are programmed and tested by our market research company in Syracuse. Rather than attempting to complete the survey in-house, using an expert ensures you eliminate any bias from your questionnaire design.

Our team gives you full confidence in the feedback collected from the survey.

What is included in the online survey report deliverable?

Our online survey reports are extremely comprehensive. Our full reports include:

  • A background and methodology
  • An executive summary of themes
  • Infographic
  • Respondent persona
  • An appendix of question-by-question results

Our objective-based executive summary makes the interpretation of the online survey data digestible for your organization.

How much does an online survey cost?

The cost of an online survey depends on a number of factors including the length of the survey, the number of contacts, and the type of deliverable you need. Our process can be customized to fit almost any budget.

How to contact our Syracuse online survey company?

Questions about how our online survey company in Syracuse can help? Contact our company for a quote, estimate, or proposal for your project. One of our 4 core values is responsiveness and we’ll respond quickly.

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