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Working with Our Rochester Online Survey Company

What are the benefits of an online survey?

If you are searching for an online survey company near Rochester, Drive Research can help. Our online survey projects are affordable, timely, and offer high-quality data.

In terms of your market research return on investment (ROI), there may be no better option than an online survey.

This is why so many organizations choose to partner with our experts. What organizations learn from market research helps drive increased revenue opportunities.

What is the online survey process?

The projects our online survey company near Rochester completes for our clients can be finished in as little as 2 weeks. Our process is efficient and includes a proposal, kickoff, workplan, survey, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting.

Does your team only need assistance for a few of these steps? Drive Research is happy to customize a market research proposal to fit your needs.

Is the online survey process customized?

Our market research company will work with you to understand your team's goals, audience criteria, and budget. We then create a customized survey that is unbiased and statistically valid, while also engaging participants to ensure complete and honest responses.

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Will the survey work on all devices?

All surveys created by our team are designed to function on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. Drive Research also has the experience of conducting paper surveys and direct mail surveys if needed.

How does Drive Research find respondents?

We enable businesses in the Rochester area to gather insightful and actionable responses from customers and potential customers. Whether you have a database of customers or not, Drive Research has the tools and capabilities to find your target audience through our online surveys.

These sample pools include customer lists, purchased lists, our in-house panel of participants, and social media.

What is the cost of this type of project?

Our online surveys are customized for each client. The cost depends on the scope of your project and the specific deliverables you request. We can customize a study to nearly any budget.

Why consider Drive Research?

From basic to advanced online surveys, Drive Research is the clear choice if you are looking for online survey companies in the Rochester area. Our experts develop customized estimates and proposals for each client.

Our proposals include a step-by-step breakdown of our unique process and all of the details for your specific project.

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