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Working with Our Rochester Employee Survey Company 

What are employee surveys?

Employee engagement surveys allow businesses of all sizes to gain first-hand knowledge about their team’s opinions, feelings, and perceptions.

There are multiple different reasons why an organization may choose to conduct employee engagement research.

Topics typically measured in an employee survey include:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee culture
  • Team engagement 
  • Salary and benefits

What are the benefits of an employee survey?

Employee engagement research offers a variety of advantages to any business, small or large. This includes increasing employee retention and identifying perceptions regarding the opinions and feelings of the employer. 

By collecting this type of feedback, your business is able to improve upon policies, offers, or inter-office relationship dynamics, ultimately decreasing the desire for employees to start looking for a new job.

Employee surveys are also a great tool for measuring staff engagement which is crucial in increasing productivity, satisfaction, camaraderie, and revenue for your company.  

Why you should use a third-party employee survey company?

Our Rochester employee survey company will help remove bias and keep confidentiality among your staff.

Drive Research can verify that:

  • Employees are well represented
  • The survey asks questions that are neutrally worded
  • The survey options are not leading
  • The responses are completely anonymous

Also, employees are also more likely to provide honest feedback when they know their confidentiality is protected. With a third-party conducting VoE research, your organization will receive a greater quality of data then if completed in-house

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Does Drive Research offer employee benchmarks?

Absolutely! First, benchmarking scores are a calculated analysis in which provides an organization with a way to determine whether scores are high or low compared to industry competitors and the country as a whole.

Our employee surveys company near Rochester can provide several different benchmarking capabilities for this type of market research. These include benchmarks with your industry, organizational size, and regional. 

What is the end deliverable for an employee engagement study?

After fieldwork is finished, our experts will determine what factors have the biggest impact on overall employee satisfaction and loyalty. This is evaluated through easy analytical techniques such as regression and correlation.

Drive Research provides our clients with an in-depth report sure to drive organizational change.

The reports drafted by our team, do not only include facts and evidence, but a thorough explanation of recommendations and hidden themes to help your leadership and human resources team understand the necessary areas of improvement.  

How much do employee surveys cost?

The cost of an employee engagement survey varies for every organization. Factors that determine the final cost include:

  • The size of a company
  • The research methodology implemented for the survey (online, phone, mail, etc.)
  • The length of the survey

Drive Research will partner with your team to understand your specific objectives and needs to prove a more defined estimate. 

Interested in learning more or receiving an employee survey proposal from our market research company near Rochester? Reach out to us for an estimate or quote for your employee survey project.

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