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What is content marketing research?

Content marketing research, also referred to as research-based content, research-driven content, and original research focuses on using online surveys to develop an effective content strategy for all types of organizations. The main goal of content marketing research is to share the findings in a new, creative, and attractive way to inspire interest for leads and clients.

What are the benefits of content marketing research?

Traditionally, the findings from a market research study remain confidential with the client. However, research-based content is purposely designed to develop insights to be repurposed through content rollouts. With the variety of deliverables created through content marketing research, there may be no other research service that provides a greater ROI. Original research near Rochester helps position a brand as a thought leader on an industry or topic, develop downloadable lead-generation content, and new featured copy for websites or sales collateral. With content marketing research, there is no such thing as writer’s block or lack of resources to produce new content. 

How can content marketing research be used?

Research-based content offers a variety of deliverables to improve a marketing and content strategy. The core value of collecting fresh and unique statistics for content is the ability to recreate the results in numerous outlets. With content marketing research near Rochester, your team can produce valuable resources through blog posts, infographics, industry reports, webinars, etc. 

What is the process for content marketing research?

A content marketing research company near Rochester, like Drive Research, will design, program, and field a survey to your target demographic. The findings of an online survey will be used to develop a thorough, detailed report including an executive summary, an infographic, an analytic question-by-question breakdown, and more. One research report does not equal one blog post summarizing the findings. Instead, the data from original research should be repurposed into a variety of content deliverables and most importantly, drive the messaging featured on your website. 

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How does our content marketing research company near Rochester find respondents?

Drive Research, a content marketing research company servicing B2B and B2C companies near Rochester, utilizes our national research panel as well as social media to reach any targeted audience. 

Can the report and deliverables be customized?

Even though research-based content is centered around recreating survey findings for content purposes, Drive Research does not believe in repurposing our reports client after client. Our content marketing research firm works with your business to define project objectives and translates those needs into creative and insightful questions in a custom online survey. The feedback from each question will make up a digestible report, unique to your business. 

How much does content marketing research cost?

As previously mentioned, content marketing research offers a great ROI due to the amount of content deliverables provided. However, there is no tried and true, overarching cost because each project is estimated on a case by case scenario. An estimate for a research-based content project is dependent on the scope of work. This is defined by the number of questions in an online survey, the demographics of your target audience, a possible cash prize for survey respondents, etc. With more insight into your project objectives and expectations, our content marketing research company near Rochester will be able to provide a more definitive estimate for your study.   

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