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Working with Our Rochester Focus Group Company

What is a focus group? ​

In market research, a focus group brings together 4 to 12 participants for a joint discussion to provide feedback around a certain product, service, organization, or marketing campaign. The group discussion is led by a trained and experienced moderator to help standardize and add structure to the focus group. When conducting focus groups in Rochester, participants are hand-selected based on their matching demographics to a desired target audience. This targeted group of individuals generally offers insight into how the larger market would react to the topic of study.

What are the advantages of focus groups near Rochester?

As a form of qualitative market research, focus groups near Rochester encourage in-depth conversations with your target audience to talk through their opinions, reactions, and emotions. Unlike one on one interviews, focus groups near Rochester allow for varying opinions all at once. It is also the only market research methodology that allows clients to watch the group discussion in real-time, either through a one-way mirror or an online streaming service. Often times the focus group moderator will come back to the viewing room and ask if the client would like to steer the conversation in a different direction.

How do focus groups near Rochester work?

After a proposal is signed off Drive Research, our focus group company near Rochester will schedule a kick-off meeting with your team to discuss project goals, objectives, and expectations. From here, the focus group facility is selected and qualitative recruitment beings. Drive Research will draft a moderator’s guide highlighting the content and questions asked during the group discussion. After the focus group near Rochester is complete, Drive Research is able to provide a full, topline report and transcripts of the group discussion if requested. Finally, our focus group company will schedule a debrief meeting with your team on findings, insights, and next steps. 

How much do focus groups near Rochester cost?

There is no definitive price for conducting focus groups. Focus groups near Rochester and surrounding areas can be customized to fit any budget based on:

  • How many focus group participants do you want to attend? 
  • How many focus groups do you want to have?
  • How long do you want the focus groups to be?
  • How much money are you able to put forth for prizes and incentives?

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