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Working with Our Rochester Intercept Survey Company

What is an intercept survey?

A form of quantitative market research, an intercept survey focuses on obtaining in-the-moment feedback from respondents. This type of study with our intercept survey company near Rochester centers around visitors to a destination such as grocery stores, clothing stores, events, concerts, and other popular attractions. Intercept surveys are executed by trained interviewers, asking visitors questions regarding their experience, emotions, and on-site feedback.

What are the benefits of these surveys with our intercept survey company near Rochester?

No other methodology focuses on collecting immediate feedback from customers or visitors. Rather than a follow-up email survey or phone surveys long after the visit has taken place, intercept surveys obtain feedback as soon as a customer's experience is over. When surveys are conducted immediately after the visit, the memory of the experience is extremely reliable and accurate. A visitor’s memory is not as fresh when asked about their visit in a survey several weeks later. Another great benefit of intercept surveys is the strong sampling quality because a Rochester intercept survey company like Drive Research collects feedback from visitors in real-time.

What is the process for conducting intercept surveys?

The intercept survey process follows a step-by-step protocol to ensure maximum results. Once a client has signed off on the project proposal, our intercept survey company near Rochester will schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss goals and expectations for this type of research. From here a workplan is created, a survey is either programmed (if being administered on a tablet) or written on paper, and fieldwork is administered. Following the intercept survey, the client will receive a full analysis and report from our intercept survey company near Rochester.

What are the advantages of working with our intercept survey firm near Rochester?

Drive Research has a great deal of experience partnering with businesses and organizations all over Rochester and the surrounding areas. Our intercept survey firm has the tools, expertise, and capabilities to promise your project runs smoothly and answers your key objectives. The feedback received from our intercept surveys will help guide business and marketing strategies for your organization.

How much does an intercept survey cost?

There is no cookie-cutter approach to a market research study with our intercept survey company near Rochester. Drive Research takes pride in customizing each intercept survey project based on the client’s needs and objectives. Because of this, the cost of an intercept survey is calculated by several different factors such as how long the survey is, the amount of responses needed, and the level of reporting your organization is looking to receive. The cost of an intercept survey is able to be adjusted to fit most any budget.

Need a quote or proposal? Our intercept survey company near Rochester is ready to help. Contact Drive Research for a custom proposal for your intercept survey project.

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