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Working with Our Phone Survey Company in Rochester

What is a phone survey?

Decades ago, phone surveys started as a main market research study for all types of businesses. In present day, phone surveys remain as the forefront of market research methodologies. Acting as both qualitative and quantitative research, phone interviews focus on obtaining deeper feedback via an active two-way communication channel. Phone surveys are typically conducted by a professional research interviewer and a respondent.

What are the benefits of a phone survey?

It is no wonder phone interviews are still a popular market research methodology as it has many benefits. First, and perhaps the most influential is the high quality data and feedback obtained through phone surveys. When compared to online surveys, phone surveys are not dependent on how much or how little participants are going to answer a question. Rather, phone interviewers have the luxury of probing respondents for additional detail and feedback to their original answers. In general, survey participants are more likely to provide longer answers over the phone than online surveys or mail surveys. This is because it takes more time to write or type a response than it does to voice it.

What is the phone survey process with our phone survey company near Rochester?

A phone survey company near Rochester, like Drive Research, follows a streamlined, straightforward process for phone surveys. At a glance, this type of project with our phone survey company includes:

  • Discovery meeting: speaking with our phone survey company to understand your team’s objectives.
  • Proposal: Drive Research will send an official scope of work and cost for the study.
  • Kickoff meeting: if approved, our phone survey company will discuss needs and potential questions to ask in the phone survey with your team.
  • Phone survey workplan: This outlines the dates and deliverables for the phone survey project.
  • Phone survey draft: Drive Research will create a draft of the phone survey screener and survey, listing all questions for your team to sign-off on.
  • Fieldwork: our phone survey company near Rochester will start to gather completed surveys.
  • Analysis: this includes coding of open-ends, tabulation of data, charts, and graphs.
  • Reporting: based on your level of reporting needed, this includes an executive summary, recommendations, an infographic, and a breakdown of results question-by-question.
  • Debrief: Drive Research will debrief with your team and walk through findings.

How much do phone surveys cost?

It varies. The price of a phone survey depends on several different factors that make up the scope of work. Our phone survey firm near Rochester partners with your team to work hand in hand to understand your specific objectives. Together, we’ll define factors such as how long each phone interview will take, how many phone survey participants need to be recruited, and the level of detail in reporting your team prefers. As these deliverables become more defined, our phone survey company near Rochester can provide a clear estimate.

Interested in learning more or receiving a phone survey proposal from our phone survey company near Rochester? Contact us for an estimate or quote for your project.

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