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Working with Our Rochester User Experience (UX) Company 

What is UX?

A qualitative form of market research, user experience (UX) places attention on an application, software, and most commonly a website. This type of marketing research is often recommended for organizations who are about to launch or redesign their current website or mobile application. UX involves researching a respondent or participant as they scroll through a platform of choice. It highlights how easy or how satisfying a website, app, or software is to use. 

What are the benefits of UX?

Drive Research, a UX research company near Rochester and surrounding areas places focus on collecting live feedback. Participants are asked to screen share their website experience. Our research interviews then evaluate specific issues, likes, dislikes and suggested improvements - all live. This process is beneficial because it allows an organization to fix those key areas of improvements before launching its website or app live, to millions of people. Rochester organizations who conduct UX, experience higher levels of customer satisfaction, returning customers, and an increase in sales. 

How does the UX research process work?

When working with a UX market research firm near Rochester like Drive Research, it is crucial to understand project goals and objectives before conducting research. This provides clear insight for the research company to develop a workplan and determine responsibilities for both parties. Once this is reviewed in a kickoff meeting, the Rochester user experience research company will begin creating a recruitment screener based on your target audience.

From here, recruit begins, a custom user experience moderator’s guide is crafted, fieldwork is administered, analysis is completed, and a thorough UX research report is delivered to your team. The user experience market research report is packed with major details from your UX respondents or participants. Drive Research will also provide recommendations and action items with areas of improvement for your website or application. 

Let's Get Started

How does Drive Research recruit participants for UX?

Drive Research, a user experience firm servicing organization in Rochester and surrounding areas, recruits respondents or participants in one of two ways: (1) Our in-house market research panel with participants across the country. (2) Organic and paid social media advertising efforts with extreme targeting capabilities. This process has proven to find even the toughest of recruits. 

How much does UX research cost?

There are a variety of ways to conduct UX research, therefore it is hard to share one cost for this type of study. Our user experience company near Rochester will partner with your organization to decide what methodology is best. This may include a quantitative survey with respondents, a qualitative interview with participants, or a combination of both. With this direction, Drive Research will be able to offer a more final estimate for your UX research project. 

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