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  • combat-decling-student-enrollment-business-tips-05072019

    New Ideas to Combat Declining College Student Enrollment

    Over the past few years, many colleges across the country have been struggling from the impact of declining student enrollment and it is only expected to get worse. A recent article on discussed the issue of shrinking enrollment at community colleges in New York. In this article, Community College administrators explained low student registration rates are the result of demographic shifts. Essentially, declining birthrates over the years have resulted in fewer amount of high school

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  • improve-market-research-insight-reports-05032019

    Improve Your Market Research Insights Reports

    If you do anything the same way for long enough, it eventually becomes stale. If you've ever worked with market insights reports, you know this to be especially true. Research insights reports often fall into the trap of showing endless tables and charts in the same format, likely because this is how it's always been done. As a result, readers become disengaged and miss important data points. How can you kick your market insights report up a notch? Constantly evolve your work. Funny enough, ou

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  • finding-driven-data-market-research-04262019

    5 Steps to Finding Action Driven Data with Market Research

    We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – companies who ask for customer feedback on a regular basis and act on the data received are more successful and competitive than those who don’t. Though listening to your customers seems simple enough, it is not as common of a business practice as it should be. According to Forrester, while 74% of companies want their business decisions to be driven by data, only 29% think they’re successful at connecting the insights they collect to concrete actions

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  • battle-client-needs-survey-market-research-03062019

    The Constant Battle: Client Needs Versus Respondent Experience in Surveys

    Working as a market research supplier, our team walks a delicate line each day keeping both our clients and our survey respondents happy. This is not always an easy thing to do in our day-to-day roles. However, understanding both perspectives of these audiences is critical in market research. If your service model and market research approaches focus too much on pleasing one of these audiences without considering the perspective of the other, you will set your market research project up for fai

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  • opinions-matter-market-research-02052019

    Stop Excluding Market Research Professionals | Do My Opinions Matter?

    I recently had the absolute JOY of participating in my first in-depth interview (IDI) with one of my favorite skincare brands. While I have conducted countless IDIs, this was my first time being the participant instead of the moderator. Being part of a market research team means I usually disqualify from participating in any type of market research. This includes surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, etc. So I was left wondering, why don't all brands value my opinion? T

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  • sentiment-analysis-market-research-tips-01292019

    Using Sentiment Analysis in Surveys | Market Research Tips

    You might be able to get more out of your open-ended questions in an online survey than you might think. With the power of text analytics and automation, many survey tools now have the ability to calculate the sentiment of a respondent’s answer. A sentiment analysis takes a look at the text of an open-ended response and interprets whether it is positive, neutral, or negative in nature. Another popular application of this technique is the analysis of social media content. In the context of an on

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  • report=grab-attention-readers-market-research-12272018

    4 Ways to Make Your Qualitative Report Grab Attention of Readers

    In market research, visualization of qualitative findings is a bit trickier than quantitative findings. With a quantitative market research methodology such as an online survey, you know from the start that you can share charts and tables to display the data. Much of this process can be automated, as well. With qualitative methodologies like focus groups and in-depth interviews, the resulting data often consists of transcripts, moderator notes, and activity sheets. Presenting these ideas typica

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  • Market-research-questions-avoid-12192018

    Market Research Firm NY | Leading Questions and How to Avoid Them

    Bias is one of the most threatening factors in market research. After all, if the data can't be trusted, what good are the results? A common bias in market research online surveys or interviews is a leading question. A leading question is worded in such a way that the respondent is influenced to answer the question unnaturally. Though there are other errors to look out for in a survey, a leading question has immediate notable consequences. A recent read of the Quirk's article, "Small changes c

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  • market-research-dashboard-12032018

    How to Create a Market Research Dashboard?

    Dashboards are trending in market research. Market research dashboards provide a simplified summary of data. The goal of a market research dashboard is to present important data that is easy for the reader to understand. There are several tools available to create a market research dashboard. Common tools are PowerPoint, graphic design applications (i.e., InDesign, Canva, etc.), and services provided by survey software companies. Depending on the type of study and needs of the client, differe

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  • measure-awareness-brand-equity-market-research-11192018

    7 Steps to Measure Awareness and Brand Equity | Survey Company

    One of the most common uses of market research is trying to better understand branding. Studies are conducted throughout the year for some of the world's largest brands and throughout the Fortune 50 list of companies. These brands continually measure awareness, identity, sentiment, and perceptions among their customers and the general public. The only way to assess this is through market research. Without market research or analytics there would be no way to measure these key performance indic

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  • mapping-tools-market-research-report-11062018

    Using Mapping Tools for Surveys and Market Research Reports

    Data visualization is a popular technique used in market research reporting. Everybody loves a map don't they? We certainly do here at our market research firm. So much so we try to work at least one (and usually multiple maps) into our client reports. Mapping used in market research comes in many shapes and sizes. There are a variety of different plot points and maps a market research firm can create with data like ZIP Codes, counties, or even Census Tracts. We'll review some of the basic maps

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  • conduct-secondary-research-10262018

    How to Conduct Secondary Research

    It doesn't always make sense to start a market research study from scratch. Sometimes questions can be answered through publicly available information. This is better known as secondary research, or the use of preexisting sources to address new objectives. With the Information Age in full swing, the Internet has become the prime vehicle for conducting secondary research. Aside from research limited to print, searching online offers a person access to seemingly endless information about virtuall

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