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    Strategies to Increase B2B Sales | 5 Theories Based on Research

    There are two avenues of market research, B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer). Although in both instances, the marketing needs to be catered to each audience separately because the relationship to the customer is different. Research shows B2B purchases are based more on logic, while B2C is based more on emotion. With B2B purchases there are often more decision makers involved and more of a need to prove an ROI (return-on-investment) in comparison to B2C purchases which cou

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    7 Free Market Research Tools That Will Change Your Life (Maybe?)

    Well, that is a bold title. Life changing market research tools that are free? You probably want in. Although the life changing benefits of these tools are not likely to be grand, each individual tool does offer a lot of benefits and value to help you with your day-to-day projects and work. You may be aware of some of these tools, while others will likely be brand new to you. We hope you find these tools come in handy and maybe you'll even bookmark a few. They run the gamut from free survey sof

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    Examples of Heat Map Survey Questions

    Heat map survey questions are an effective way to receive feedback on any image, mock-up, or visual. For example, the image could be an ad, logo, packaging, or a new product. A previous post discussed 6 types of engaging market research survey questions. The post featured image highlight questions which is similar to heat map questions. A heat map question allows a respondent to select areas of an image they like (which highlights the area in green) and areas of an image they do not like (whic

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    4 Tips for a Better Market Research Report Presentation

    The fieldwork for your market research project is complete, the data has been analyzed and compiled into a report, so there is only one thing left to do, the presentation! Preparing for a market research presentation may not be a quick and easy task the first few times. Once you get into a rhythm that works best for you, you'll be a market research presentation pro! Drive Research is a market research company that serves Rochester, NY, as well as market research needs across the country, and i

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    4 Types of Market Research Benchmarks | Market Research Consultant

    What if we were to deliver a presentation and tell a crowd of 100 that their customer satisfaction level is 65% and their net promoter score (NPS) is +31. What would every single person in that crowd be thinking? Is 65% good or bad? Is a +31 NPS good or bad? Without any context some of these key performance indicators (KPIs) can be misleading. Market research benchmarks are a crucial part of a market research survey. Particularly for any survey that covers satisfaction with an experience or bra

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    3 Factors About Quality Market Research That I Learned from Drive Research

    How do you choose a market research firm when you’re new to the field? Many market research firms promise insights, but may leave you with pages of charts and graphs about your market or customers that don’t seem to connect together to tell a story and will take you a long time to interpret.In the past, market research was done predominantly by phone interviews and could take months to complete. Now, online survey research is a cost-effective and trusted option. Not all market research firms hav

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    4 Tips to Help You Choose a Market Research Company | Rochester NY

    Market research is a niche business service. For those who do it really well, it's typically their only focus. The best market research companies offer it as the core service and not 1 of many marketing or business services offered in a portfolio of offerings. When you're searching for a market research company, find a firm that specializes in it. Find one that lives and breathes it every day. A good market research company will work with you to examine a methodology that is the best fit for yo

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    4 Ways to Add Insights to Market Research Reports

    "Here's your raw data and a pie chart, my work is done", said no market research firm ever. At least not a good market research firm or one with passionate employees. The whole idea behind market research is to provide clarification, insights, and takeaways from statistics. The data is the end of the story, it's the beginning. Perhaps no step of the market research process is more fun than writing a report and running analysis. All of the hard work and sweat that went into collecting hundreds

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    Marketers: Here’s How to Uncover Hidden Narratives in Your Research Reports

    You know that scene in The Matrix where Keanu Reeves first stares at the computer code with a confused look on his face (even more confused than he usually appears)? It’s the same look you’d get if you showed a stranger the raw data/findings from your latest research project. If you plan on leveraging your research for content marketing purposes — which all the great brands do —then you must be able to turn that data into digestible, compelling stories. Note the emphasis on stories, as in plura

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  • 6 Quick Tips for a Better Market Research Report

    6 Quick Tips for a Better Market Research Report

    So you've completed fieldwork for your market research study? Now it's time to go all in on the report. Wondering where to start? That's where we come in. Creating a well prepared report complete with summarized insights, supporting data, and making the entire piece easy to understand and well designed is always my goal. We all have our favorite parts of the market research process, and mine is the report! If you are just getting started with market research, it can be easy to overlook crucial

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  • does van westendorp pricing model work

    How Does the van Westendorp Pricing Model Work?

    Addressing pricing in market research is one of the most trickiest areas to cover. Those who ask direct pricing questions will almost always get flawed data. If you ask a customer, "How much are you willing to pay for this Widget?" They will almost always low ball or underbid. It almost becomes a game among survey participants where they believe they can get a "deal" or trick the sponsoring company managing the survey to lower the cost of the product or service. It's no way to accurately addre

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    5 Issues with Net Promoter Score (NPS) | Market Research Syracuse

    By now, net promoter score (NPS) is likely the most popular metric and benchmark in the market research industry. With all of the attention paid to how great of a KPI and metric it is, you rarely see anything produced about its limitations in market research. Don't get me wrong, NPS is an excellent benchmarking statistic for an organization or company, but there are some cautions. Understanding these limitations helps clients better understand the pros and cons of NPS and helps them decide on cr

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