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  • does van westendorp pricing model work

    How Does the van Westendorp Pricing Model Work?

    Addressing pricing in market research is one of the most trickiest areas to cover. Those who ask direct pricing questions will almost always get flawed data. If you ask a customer, "How much are you willing to pay for this Widget?" They will almost always low ball or underbid. It almost becomes a game among survey participants where they believe they can get a "deal" or trick the sponsoring company managing the survey to lower the cost of the product or service. It's no way to accurately addre

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  • net promoter score market research syracuse

    5 Issues with Net Promoter Score (NPS) | Market Research Syracuse

    By now, net promoter score (NPS) is likely the most popular metric and benchmark in the market research industry. With all of the attention paid to how great of a KPI and metric it is, you rarely see anything produced about its limitations in market research. Don't get me wrong, NPS is an excellent benchmarking statistic for an organization or company, but there are some cautions. Understanding these limitations helps clients better understand the pros and cons of NPS and helps them decide on cr

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  • market research infographic

    6 Things to Consider for Your Market Research Infographic

    Intriguing data and well-polished graphics are two of my favorite things. Joined together in perfect harmony, they create what's called an infographic. Infographics are an effective way to present snippets and key information from the results of a market research study. At our market research company, we strive to provide clients with reports that present data in the most meaningful and impactful way. This succinct and creative way of presenting information makes market research infographics in

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  • report readout market research binghamton

    4 Essentials of a Report Readout in Market Research | Binghamton Market Research

    Report readouts in market research can be both formal and informal. The formal readouts are presentation-like where the market research team or consultant presents a PowerPoint in front of a larger audience. The more informal readouts are usually set in a conference room where everyone remains seated as the market research company walks through the results. No matter what you call it (readouts, debriefs, presentations, etc.) they are a necessary and beneficial part of any market research study.

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  • multivariate analysis market research central new york

    Examples of Multivariate Analysis | Market Research Company Central New York

    When you work in market research and deal with analysis long enough, you'll run into a lot of techniques and statistical models. Some last while others phase out quicker than the XFL. Although the term multivariate analysis may seem complex, it's a relatively common and easy to adopt approach in your daily market research projects. What is multivariate analysis? It is any type of statistical analysis that reviews more than one variable. As a marketing strategist there is a lot of value in

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  • market research lessons from star wars rogue one

    3 Market Research Lessons from Star Wars: Rogue One

    It's no secret I am a huge Star Wars fan. Those of you who follow the Drive Research blog might have noticed a few Star Wars Easter eggs in prior posts here or here. So I suppose it's no surprise I would use my movie-going experience the other night and blend its takeaways into my other passion of market research. With this in mind, here are 3 market research lessons from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Lesson 1: Dig Deeper in Analysis Just like rebellions are built on hope, market research

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  • tips to tell a story with data

    5 Tips to Tell a Better Story With Data

    As part of my preparation for the 2016 Digital Marketing Bootcamp in Syracuse, NY I decided to give my readers and followers a recap of some of the content I presented. This was one section of my 30 minute talk where I discussed "Using Data to Tell a Story." Although the presentation was geared towards web analytics and digital data in particular, my presentation was applicable to all users who report or present statistics, numbers, and data to their internal or external customers. When reviewi

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  • survey fieldwork data cleaning tips

    Your Survey Fieldwork is Complete, Now What? | 9 Data Cleaning Tips

    So you've put your blood, sweat, and tears into your latest online survey. Once you finally got to the point where you could publish and send your initial invitations, your sigh of relief could be heard across the organization. Unfortunately your lull was short-lived because the completes rolled in quickly. After the second week of fieldwork, momentum has slowed and you are now ready to take the next step with this project. What is the next step? Thinking it's the report? Nope. Thinking it's a

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  • delivering the bad news market research

    Delivering the Bad News in Market Research | Firm in Upstate, NY

    A key characteristic in the personal toolbox of a strong market research company is the ability to be objective. Some of the best market research suppliers earn their way to the top because of their keen ability to build retainer relationships with clients which span for many years. Through this relationship the market research team learns about its client's line of business and in-turn, the client learns about strategic benefits of market research. Over the course of these years and quite pos

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  • confidentiality no longer king in surveys

    Why Confidentiality is no Longer King in Surveys | Marketing Consultant in Syracuse, NY

    A few years ago I received a call from my mortgage broker just days after we purchased our first home. Previously, I submitted a customer satisfaction survey to the company online after we had finalized all of our paperwork for the purchase. Although the brokerage firm was helpful during the process in many ways, the company switched my primary broker half-way through the closing process and as a result the ball was dropped with regards to locking in an interest rate on my loan. In the survey, I

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  • benefits of fantasy sports in workplace

    7 Benefits of Fantasy Sports in the Workplace

    I read about the growth of fantasy sports (of all places) in Quirks magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with Quirks, it's a marketing research review magazine published monthly. The article discussed how technological advances in mobile technology has contributed to the growth of fantasy sports due to the increase accessibility of statistics and data for users. More than 10 million fantasy sports users accessed information from their smart phones in 2013, up 12% from 2012. Mobile is not only a

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  • Pairing Big Data with Traditional Market Research | The What and Why

    Pairing Big Data with Traditional Market Research | The What and Why?

    Big data. You've all seen the term. You've all read about the term. You're all probably sick of hearing the term at this point. In fact, half of you already stopped reading this post at this point because you're tired of hearing about big data. When it comes to market research, analytics, and metrics, is there any term less personable than big data? Let's face it, analysts working with big data are taught to not view people as people but as data points. Big data is analyzed to better understand

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