20+ Popular Music Streaming Statistics and Facts [2023]

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As the digital realm becomes increasingly intertwined with musical experiences, the world of music streaming stands at the forefront of this transformation.

Knowing that our market research company was curious to learn current statistics and facts surrounding music streaming.

From the surge in subscription models to the artists that dominate the streaming charts, here is what we found.

Top Music Streaming Statistics [Editor's Choice]

  • The main reason users pay for streaming subscriptions is to avoid those pesky ads interrupting their songs. 
  • 78% of people listen to some sort of streaming platform. 
  • 84% of the US music industry's revenue comes directly from streaming platforms. 
  • Spotify is the most used streaming platform.

For further analysis, we broke down the data in the following ways:
General Statistics | Apple Music | Spotify | Music Video Streaming | By Artist 

General Music Streaming Statistics 

Despite the many streaming options available, some facts are universal. Below, we've compiled some statistics about the basics of music streaming, from how much users pay to which countries listen the most. 

  • 82 million Americans pay roughly $10 dollars a month for a music streaming service.
    As we mentioned in our intro, this is dominated by Spotify. Speaking of Spotify, how much of the world is able to enjoy the app? 183 countries are able to access this platform. 

  • Americans stream up to 75 minutes of music every day.
    Out of every music genre, R&B/hip-hop is the most popular choice. Top artists streamed within this genre include Drake, NBA Youngboy, and Juice WRLD. 

  • Over 17% more users are subscribed to a platform than last year.
    While streaming platforms have greatly impacted the music industry (some say for good, some say for worse), the monetary results have been massive. 

  • For every paid subscription, there are 3.6 music streamers.
    And they share the love, too. Many of these users (no matter the platform) share their accounts with friends and family. 

  • Spotify is the most used streaming platform.

    When discussing the most popular music streaming platforms, Spotify emerges as the top choice for 32% of music streamers. In 2022, they were the first music streamer to pass 200 million paid subscribers. And as of Q1 2023, they have achieved 210 million premium subscribers worldwide.

Worldwide Paid Subscribers of Music Streaming Services [Chart 2023]

  • Gamers are 14% more likely to pay for music streaming.
    What's more, gamers are 13% more likely to listen to music compared to the rest of the population. And even when compared to the average music listeners, gamers spend 19% more of their time across music categories. 

  • Americans streamed over 1 trillion songs last year.
    Roughly 120,000 new songs are added to streaming platforms every day. While we're talking about songs, check out this fun list of Spotify Wrapped alternatives you can use all year long.

  • Instant access to songs is the main reason for paying for music streaming services.
    Other reasons included having access to large music libraries and having a first choice of music to listen to. Additionally, Sweden has the highest percentage of music streamers, followed closely by the UK, the US, Germany, and Mexico. 

Apple Music Streaming Statistics

Since launching in 2015, Apple Music has amassed a large following. Boasting high-quality sound levels at 320kbps (AKA, really good), this service has much to offer. We found: 

  • As of last summer, Apple Music made over $8 billion dollars in revenue.
    Over 88 million people are subscribed to the service, also as of last summer. In fact, there are more Apple Music users than Spotify users in the US--whereas there are more Spotify users in Europe and South America. 

  • Pop is one of the most popular genres streamed on Apple Music.
    Followed by...R&B/hip-hop! The platform also features a whopping 90 million songs to choose from, with 30,000 official playlists. 

  • Apple Music is the preferred platform for those aged 55 and up.
    It's also the preferred platform for millennials. What's more, Apple Music is used by more women than men. 

  • With over 90 million songs, Apple offers a larger catalog than Spotify.
    Apple Music boasts one of the most extensive music collections among streaming platforms. However, this can vary depending on the geographical location, where in certain regions, the Apple Music library provides access to 75 million songs.

Music Streaming App Catalogs

Spotify Music Streaming Statistics 

The official OG of streaming, Spotify is a Sweden-based music streaming app that has claimed the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Launching earlier than we all thought in 2006, many listeners can’t go a day without using the app. 

  • There are 210 billion Spotify premium subscribers across the world.
    Let's face it, ads are annoying when you're trying to enjoy an album--thus the massive number of those willing to pay extra to ditch them. This number has doubled since 2017. 

  • Millennials love Spotify.
    So much so that 29% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34. 16% of them are aged 35 to 44, and 19% are aged 55 and up.

  • Spotify is more accessible than Apple Music. 
    While Apple Music is available on multiple devices, Spotify is still available on more. This extends to game consoles, smart TVs and speakers, and more. 

  • North America is Spotify's biggest fan.
    The biggest number of Spotify users is condensed in North America. On average, this demographic spends about 140 minutes a day on the app. True music fanatics! 

Music Video Streaming Statistics 

While YouTube is a hub for everything, basically, it's the go-to for watching music videos (sorry, MTV). Launching in 2005, many of us clearly remember the first music video we watched on the site. What was yours? 

  • More than 300 music videos are in YouTube's prestigious Billion Views Club.
    Estimated to be somewhere around 317 videos, this club contains videos from artists across multiple genres. As of August 7th, 2023, here are the top, all-time most-viewed music videos:

    1. Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee (8.2B views)
    2. Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (6.0B views)
    3. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (5.9B views)
    4. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (4.9B views)
    5. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (4.8B views)

Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time [August 2023]

  • 25% of YouTube's content consumption is from music videos.
    Additionally, annual payments from the platform to the music industry have exceeded $4 billion dollars. It's no surprise that the site is also claiming it will be the music industry's single biggest licensing partner by 2025. 

  • BTS' Butter music video had the quickest jump to 100 million views.
    Thanks to a very loyal fanbase! Unsurprisingly, other BTS music videos have also swiftly reached 100 million views. Others that have achieved this number include: 
    • Blackpink - Kill This Love
    • Lisa - Lalisa
    • Psy - Gentleman 

Music Streaming Statistics By Artist 

Some artists just dominate the streaming world--consistently. Whether it's on Spotify or Apple Music, fans will get their fix somehow. Below are a few facts about the top-streamed artists. 

  • Travis Scott's UTOPIA has been named the most-streamed album of 2023 on Spotify.
    In fact, all of the album's 19 songs made it on Spotify's Top 20 US chart--pretty impressive. Scott's album features guest singers across multiple genres from Bon Iver to Beyonce. 

  • Ed Sheeran's Divide is the most streamed album on Spotify with over 12 billion plays.
    Underneath this was Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny at 11 billion streams, and then Dua Lipa by, you guessed it--Dua Lipa. 

  • Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory is the most streamed alternative record.
    The 2000 record has just over 2.67 billion streams. Next up is Nirvana's Nevermind with 2.62 billion streams, followed by Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction at 2.4 billion streams. 

  • Drake is the most streamed artist on Spotify with over 61 billion plays.
    Coming in second? Bad Bunny with 56.5 billion streams. And third, Taylor Swift is the highest-streamed female music artist with 54 billion streams. 

Most Streamed Artists on Spotify All Time [August 2023]

Frequently Asked Questions About Music Streaming

What is the #1 music streaming service?

Spotify holds the position as the #1 music streaming service based on its user base, global reach, and market share, boasting over 210 million paid subscribers and 515 million monthly active users worldwide.

Is the music industry still growing?

Yes, the music industry has been experiencing growth in recent years, driven largely by the expansion of digital platforms and streaming services. The recorded music industry in the U.S. generated $15.9 billion in revenue, marking a 6% rise from its earnings of $15 billion in 2021.

What genre of music is most streamed?

Pop music is one of the most streamed genres globally, with a 21.8% share due to the wide appeal across various age groups and demographics.

Final Thoughts

No matter the streaming platform used, music lovers will find a way to listen to their favorite songs. 

The reasons for using music streaming services are many, as we’ve discussed. To wrap up, a few of the main reasons include…

  • Ability to choose songs
  • Large music libraries
  • Wide range of genres 

And what’s the key theme here? Convenience. Music streaming sites are designed to deliver immediate results for users, providing them with a positive experience. 

Whether it’s Spotify or Apple Music, streaming platforms are here to stay and will only become more tailored to the customer experience. 


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