2023 Cyber Monday Statistics, Trends, and Facts

No holiday shopping is complete without Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cyber week is a chance for consumers to shop in person (or online) and snag some great deals. 

Our 4th annual Cyber Week survey gathered responses from 1,000+ Americans on how they prefer to shop during this (often chaotic) time. In this post, we'll cover the data found for Cyber Monday 2023

According to our survey, we found that…

  • 66% of consumers will plan to shop on Cyber Monday this year
  • Nearly half of Cyber Monday shoppers (46%) plan to spend the same amount on shopping as they did last year
  • Target and Walmart are among the top two retailers to shop from on Cyber Monday
  • Promotions/sales are important when discovering deals, according to 81% of consumers.
  • 64% of consumers discover deals through the retailer's website. 

For further analysis, we broke down the data in the following ways:
General Statistics | Spending | Product Purchases | Shopper Preferences | Demographics

General Cyber Monday Statistics

66% of consumers will plan to shop on Cyber Monday this year

This is up from last year's Cyber Monday consumers at 64%. Of that group, millennials and Gen Zers will be the most likely age group to participate at 76%. Following that will be Gen X at 71% and Baby Boomers at 46%.

Cyber Week Attendance Stat

43% of Cyber Monday purchases are made from smartphones

This points to the increased use of smartphones to make purchases, allowing consumers to buy from anywhere they choose. Overall Cyber Week sales on mobile devices have continued to increase over the years.

Cyber Monday takes the cake for the biggest day in e-commerce with $11 billion in sales last year

Since this is a significant increase from 2021, it's likely this year's Cyber Monday sales will continue to rise. Last year, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales had a significant spike–likely due to the end of COVID-19 in-person precautions. 

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Cyber Monday 2023 Spending Statistics

22% of consumers are willing to spend $400 to $599 on shopping this season

While this is a large chunk of change, costs add up--especially when items are on sale. 

Our survey also found that 18% of shoppers will spend $200 to $399, 13% will spend less than $200, and another 13% will spend $699 to $700. Up to 23% will spend $1,000 more. 

Average holiday spending chart

Nearly half of Cyber Monday shoppers (46%) plan to spend the same amount on shopping as they did last year

21% of shoppers will spend slightly less than last year, 18% plan on spending slightly more, 10% will spend much less, and 5% will spend much more than in 2022. 

78% of shoppers will be spending less due to the increasing cost of living 

Other top responses for spending less include the rising cost of groceries (67%), high inflation rates (60%), and rising interest rates (26%). 

Additionally, men list the rising cost of living as a top reason for spending less (72%), while women list the rising cost of groceries (80%). 

Why Holiday Shoppers Are Spending Less

Cyber Monday 2023 Purchases Statistics

79% of Cyber Monday 2023 shoppers will purchase clothing and accessories 

Other popular items to buy include electronics (66%), toys (44%), health/beauty products (44%) and household appliances (36%). 

Electronics are the top item choice for men and women to buy on Cyber Monday

Both men (78%) and women (62%) list electronics as their most sought-after Cyber Monday purchase. But which electronics will do the trick? The  Roku Ultra, Amazon Kindle, and iRobot Roomba j7+ are all solid choices! 

Amazon is the preferred online shopping platform for 88% of consumers this Cyber Week 

Additionally, Amazon was the top choice across age groups. Online shoppers will also be frequenting Target (55%), Walmart (51%), and Kohls (33%) websites. Other popular places for consumers to shop online this 

Amazon, Target, and Walmart are among the top retailers to shop from on Cyber Monday 

Amazon is poised to be the most favored online shopping destination, with a substantial 88% of shoppers planning to visit during Black Friday weekend. Following behind are Target (55%) and Walmart (51%) as other popular online retailers. 

Other top online shopping destinations for Cyber Week included: 

  • Kohl’s (33%)
  • Best Buy (30%)
  • Macy’s (26%)
  • Old Navy (21%)
  • Costco (21%)
  • Sephora (20%)

PetSmart is the preferred store for pet-related items at 10%

Our pets deserve gifts, too. Only 8% of those shopping for their furry friends will choose to shop from Petco this Cyber Week. 

17% of Cyber Monday shoppers will choose local businesses to buy

While major retailers certainly have their fair share of items to choose from, let's not forget our favorite local shops too on Cyber Week. Supporting local businesses not only helps them flourish and grow their stock, but local shops often provide more personalized customer service outreach. 

Cyber Monday Consumer Preferences

Promotions/sales are important when discovering deals, according to 81% of consumers

And retailers know this, which is why it's no surprise consumers discover a good Cyber Monday sale this way. 

Basic promos aside, a few other ways that attract consumers to deals include free shipping (80%), product availability (66%), return/exchange policies (50%), and fast shipping (46%). 

64% of consumers discover deals through the retailer's website

This is expected, as anyone who's shopped on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday online can attest to seeing constant reminders of deals on a site. Aside from the on-site advertising, consumers will also learn about deals through...

Other ways shoppers become aware of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday deals include:

  • Email (58%)
  • Retailer promotional social media ads (47%)
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations from family/friends (39%)
  • Online blogs/articles (33%)
  • Retailer apps/push notifications (30%)
  • Retailer organic social media posts (21%)

Promotions/sales are more enticing to women than men on Cyber Monday 

While 84% of women shopping on Cyber Monday will keep an eye out for those special promos, 74% of men shopping will notice these deals. 

Continuing on this trend is the difference of opinion on free shipping as an important factor for Cyber Monday. Overall, 83% of women will pay attention to this, while 73% of men will. Changing up this trend, men (70%) appear to prioritize product availability over women (65%) on Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday Demographics

By Age

  • Gen X is the age group most likely to spend $1,000 or more at 27% when compared to Baby Boomers (17%) and Millenials/Gen Z (24%) 
  • Millenials/Gen Z are the most likely to shop from Target at 61%. 
  • Gen X are the most likely to purchase health and beauty items on Cyber Monday at 50%. 

By Gender

  • Women are more likely to spend less than last Cyber Monday at 12%, compared to male shoppers at 6%
  • Both women (89%) and men (87%) are nearly tied for having Amazon be their top retailer for Cyber Monday 
  • Women (64%) are significantly more likely to use promo emails as a way to discover Cyber Monday deals as compared to men (45%)

By Household Income (HHI)

  • Almost half of those making $150,000+ will spend $1,000 or more on items
  • 79% of those with an HHI of $100,000-$149,000 list increased cost of living to be a deterrent from spending this year
  • Those with an HHI of $75,000+ are more likely to spend the same amount on Cyber Monday shopping as they did last year

Final Thoughts

All in all, Cyber Monday 2023 is set to be a success this year–potentially more than last year. 

Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon will all be stopping points for shoppers. Of those shopping this year, close to half of consumers are willing to spend just as much as they did last year.

However, it’s also important to note that certain economic factors may be halting those from spending more. As we covered common themes for this include higher cost of living, inflation rates, groceries, and other additional factors. 

Similar to Cyber Monday's past, consumers will continue to gravitate towards purchasing items like clothing, accessories, and electronics. Brands that advertise with effective promotions and deals are the most popular way to draw in shoppers, with a majority of them listing this as a key factor for purchasing. 

Survey Background & Methodology

Figures in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday market research report are drawn from an online survey conducted by Drive Research to better understand consumers' holiday shopping preferences and purchasing behaviors. Drive Research is a national market research company based in Syracuse, NY.

The survey took up to 10 minutes to complete and included 19 questions. The survey received 1,044 responses from those who plan to shop during Cyber Weekend 2023. Fieldwork for the survey ended in October 2023.

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