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  • 6 Things I Learned Interning at a Market Research Company

    5 Things I Learned as an Intern at a Market Research Company

    This past semester I became an intern at Drive Research. My name is Luke Cohen and I am currently a junior at Castleton University. Castleton is a small liberal arts college located in Vermont - the same alma matter that George Kuhn, Owner & President of Drive Research attended. We actually had some of the same professors advising both of us some ten years after his graduation. Over the past five months, I have learned more about market research and how it is conducted then I could have ever t

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  • 46 Market Research Resources for Students in 2020 | A Complete List

    46 Market Research Resources for Students

    Our market research firm knows 2 things. One, we love working with colleges and universities on market research projects, including student enrollment surveys, program feasibility work, admissions surveys, and student housing focus groups. Two, we love helping students and giving away all (well, at least most) of the tips and tricks of the trade our staff has learned over the years in this space. That's why we've compiled a list of 46 Market Research Resources for Students. Like to skip ah

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  • recap-chicago-event-drive-research-04092019

    A Recap of the 2019 Quirk's Event in Chicago | Market Research Conference

    How would I describe the Quirk's Event in three words to someone who has never been? A market researcher's paradise. I recently had the privilege to attend the April 2019 Quirk's Event in Chicago, Illinois. As a first time attendee, I was captivated by such a large event dedicated to the researchers, clients, and vendors of the market research industry. I experienced two days at the conference filled to the brim with presentations, conversations, and activities. I left with all the latest tren

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  • brand-boss-awareness-market-research-04042019

    Brand Like a Boss | Using Market Research to Grow Business Awareness

    When you see the phrase, “Just do it” – what comes to mind? What about, “I’m Lovin’ It?” Can you immediately identify the brand responsible for these slogans? Of course, you can! This is because the brand recognition around Nike and McDonald’s is something that has been engraved in our heads for years. Brand awareness is the level of which customers are able to recognize a company or product. More importantly, brand awareness plays an intricate role in a business’s strategy to promote their s

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  • march-madness-market-research-tips-03212019

    March Madness | What are the Odds?

    They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball. Anyone else feel like dancing? 64 hopeful NCAA men’s division basketball teams sure do (well, technically 72 teams but no one cares about the games until Thursday). For most sports fans, March Madness is better than their birthday and Christmas combined. For us fans of statistics, data, and research, we know there's more to the tournament than just basketball. On and off the court there are hundreds of facts and statistics about the NCAA tour

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  • key points in our market research drive research

    5 Key Points in Our Market Research Explainer Video

    Searching for a quick explanation about market research in a short explainer video? Look no further. Our market research firm gives you a recap on the basics of market research and how working with an expert might look like. The 60-second explainer video below recaps several parts of market research. Spend a minute watching this video and then read our recap below on our 5 key points from our market research explainer video. Watch the 60-second explainer video on our market research firm her

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  • books-read-work-in-market-research-05232018

    Top 5 Books You Must Read if You Work in Market Research

    Over the years, I've really enjoyed reading books related to my passion and career in market research. The books that still sit on my bookshelf today collecting dust have helped me learn about perspective, new ways of thinking, and have even offered me tactical changes to improve how I do work at my market research company. Market research is a niche topic and there are not a lot of authors out there writing about it. So when I find a book in my travels that touches on the principles of market

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  • market-research-trends-recap-03012018

    2018 Market Research Trends | Drive Research Recap of the Quirk's Event

    This week Emily, Research Analyst at Drive Research, attended The Quirk’s Event 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of two days, the event featured several speakers who discussed new case studies, tips, and insight on the market research industry. At the event, Emily attended 13 sessions which meant 390 minutes to learn new tips and insight! Below are a few tidbits learned from each of the sessions she attended. Emily, Research Analyst at Drive Research, attended The Quirk's Event in Brook

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  • October 2017 review drive research

    Month in Review: October 2017

    Well, it's November 1, which means Halloween just passed and October has ended. Right now, I'm left wondering if it's socially acceptable to start playing holiday music yet. Maybe I should do a public opinion survey about it! Our team has been making the rounds this October. We've been attending events, conducting onsite surveys, and (of course) sipping coffee at favorite local coffee shops to fuel our insights and market research. (Shout out to my personal favorite, Cafe 407 in Liverpool, NY.)

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  • morning routine market research

    5 Morning Routines for Someone Who Works in Market Research

    Working in market research is a rewarding career. With market research, you are always learning new information about a client, product, service, or industry. It's part of the job: asking questions. Our market research firm in NY asks questions through surveys, focus groups, and intercept interviews. We then take that feedback and pull out insights, assumptions, and recommendations for our client. The variety of the projects is a nice benefit of the career. Particularly on the market research s

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  • core values drive research market research company new york

    4 Core Values of Drive Research | Market Research Company New York

    Looking for a market research company in New York? In this article we talk about 4 differentiators of our market research company which separates us from the pack. We've categorized what we do best into 4 key areas. These include: (1) responsiveness, (2) growth, (3) perspective, and (4) Drive. Each of these differentiators is explained in greater detail below. Our market research company specializes in a number of qualitative and quantitative market research services. We work with a variety of

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  • august review drive research

    Month in Review: August 2017

    Summer may be winding down, but the Drive Research team isn't. August has been a busy month for our team. Over the past 4 or 5 weeks, our team has been making a lot of impact. We've completed projects, began several new projects, networked with other professionals, and remained committed to giving back to the community. Safe to say we've been having a blast. Especially since we've been at The Great New York State Fair conducting the official fair survey! Here's to our awesome survey team, Team

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