Small Business Saturday Statistics [2023]

Between the whirlwind of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday. 

This festive shopping day is designed to draw consumers to buy from local businesses, providing a sense of community across the country. Recently, Drive Research ran a national survey to uncover consumer habits during Cyber Week. 

Take a look at some of our top Small Business Saturday statistics that we found below…

  • 36% of Americans plan to shop on Small Business Saturday 2023
  • Women are 5% more likely to shop on Small Business Saturday
  • 78% of shoppers will be spending less due to the increasing cost of living
  • 54% of shoppers will spend money on clothing for Small Business Saturday 

To learn about these and more, keep reading to see what our survey found! 

PS: Check out both our Black Friday and Cyber Monday findings. 

General Small Business Saturday Statistics

36% of Americans plan to shop this Small Business Saturday

Last year, 36% of consumers also planned to shop on this day. Millennials and Gen Z are the most likely to participate at 39%, with Gen X at 38% and Boomers farther behind at 30%. 

Cyber Week 2023 attendance

Many well-known organizations helped get this day started 

A now-popular holiday trend, Small Business Saturday got its start not that long ago in 2010. Organizations involved in creating this day include American Express, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Roslindale Village Main Street, and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. Bringing attention to local shops, small business owners make it a priority to advertise for this day. 

Over half (52%) of consumers will not participate in shopping due to dislike of crowds

This isn’t a surprise as shopping on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday can bring their own special set of chaos. 

That said, other common reasons consumers choose not to shop during Cyber Week include…

  • Nothing interesting to buy (22%)
  • Other reasons (21%)
  • Not wanting to spend money (16%)
  • Dislike of shopping (16%)
  • Dangerous (12%)
  • No good deals (11%)
  • Takes away from spending time with loved ones (10%) 

Small Business Saturday Shopper Statistics

Women are 5% more likely to shop on Small Business Saturday

While 37% of women are planning to shop Small Business Saturday 2023, men aren’t as likely to shop at 32%. 

Men are most likely to spend $400 to $599 on holiday shopping

23% of men this year will spend this range on items this year. This is slightly more than women, with 21% of them spending this same range. Regardless, this $400 to $599 range is the most popular for both parties. 

Only 2% of women will not spend money during Cyber Week, including Small Business Saturday

Men are slightly more likely to not partake in the shopping festivities, at just 3%. What does this show us? Most people will brave the crowds at some point to snag a few deals! 

Nearly half of holiday shoppers (46%) plan to spend the same amount on shopping as they did last year

21% of shoppers will spend slightly less than last year, 18% plan on spending slightly more, 10% will spend much less, and 5% will spend much more than in 2022. 

78% of shoppers will be spending less due to the increasing cost of living 

Other top responses for spending less include the rising cost of groceries (67%), high inflation rates (60%), and rising interest rates (26%). 

Additionally, men list the rising cost of living as a top reason for spending less (72%), while women list the rising cost of groceries (80%).

Holiday Shoppers Spending Chart

Small Business Saturday Purchases Statistics

54% of shoppers will spend money on clothing for Small Business Saturday 

Additionally, Gen X is the most likely to purchase clothing on Small Business Saturday at 55%. Baby Boomers are right behind this at 54%, and Millenials/Gen Zers at 53%.

While nearly half of shoppers participating in this day will buy clothes, there are other popular items too! 

Other popular purchases on Small Business Saturday 2023 include:

  • Arts and crafts: 46%
  • Interior home design: 35%
  • Books: 34%
  • Health and beauty: 33%
  • Toys: 25%
  • Pet items: 20%
  • Outdoor/gardening tools: 17%
  • Furniture: 13%
  • Electronics: 11%

Only 10% of shoppers will purchase sports and leisure products on Small Business Saturday

Other low-priority consumers will purchase include office supplies (10%) and fitness-related items (7%). This isn’t that surprising, as more small businesses offer the items we covered in the previous statistic. 

Women shopping on Small Business Saturday are significantly more likely to buy clothes than men at 57%

Only 45% of men will choose to buy clothes on this day. However, this still remains a top purchase for both groups. 

Final Thoughts

While not as many consumers shop on Small Business Saturday as they do Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s still a main player in Cyber Week shopping trends 2023! 

Based on our data, those in the younger age demographics will head out to shop, with Boomers a little less likely. Popular items to buy on this day include clothing, accessories, beauty items, and books. Less popular items include office supplies and sports/fitness products. 

Reasons consumers may choose not to head out often include dislike of larger crowds–and this may be more suited to Black Friday, but can certainly apply to Small Business Saturday 2023 as well. However, a significant amount will still head out to support their favorite local shops on this day. 

Survey Background & Methodology

Figures in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday market research report are drawn from an online survey conducted by Drive Research to better understand consumers' holiday shopping preferences and purchasing behaviors. Drive Research is a national market research company based in Syracuse, NY.

The survey took up to 10 minutes to complete and included 19 questions. The survey received 1,044 responses from those who plan to shop during Cyber Weekend 2023. Fieldwork for the survey ended in October 2023.

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