3 Market Research Options for Wineries and Vineyards

With an abundance of market research methodologies for wineries and vineyards to choose from, it can be overwhelming. What makes the most sense for your establishment? What research study is most closely aligned for the objectives and goals you’ve set forth for your winery?

Our winery and vineyard market research company can help! We chose our top three research studies that would be beneficial to those in the winery industry.

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Intercept Surveys for Wineries

The first option our market research company would suggest to a winery or vineyard is intercept surveys (also referred to as intercept interviews and exit surveys).

Intercept surveys are conducted on-site at your winery or vineyard with a trained interviewer. An interviewer will ask visitors about their experience at your site.

What questions are asked in a winery intercept interview?

Questions in a winery intercept survey can vary. Our national market research company recommends asking guests questions relating to satisfaction or dissatisfaction, sources of awareness, amount they have spent (or plan to spend), other wineries they have visited today (or plan to visit) and more.

What are the benefits of intercept surveys at my winery?

The best kind of feedback in market research is the feedback that is in-the-moment. Asking guests to share their opinions and experience of their time at your winery as it is happening assures all feedback is accurate (which leads to a higher quality of data).

This is much better than sending a satisfaction survey to a customer days, weeks, or even months after their visit. With this much time passing by from their visit, guests have trouble remembering specific aspects of their time at your winery.

Collecting immediate data and feedback will also help your winery be more proactive in making any critical changes as they are brought to your attention.

Online Surveys for Wineries

The next market research option for winery or vineyard is sending an online feedback survey to an email customer list. This type of research can help gather feedback regarding your specific winery in addition to competitors.

What questions are asked in a winery customer feedback survey?

The questions asked in a customer email survey can ask general questions about the winery or be more specific to certain aspects in order to meet the goal of conducting market research.

For example, if a winery wanted to learn more about the customer’s journey to their site, the survey would ask questions regarding how far customers traveled, methods of transportation, where they stopped prior to your winery, etc.   

Speaking more generally, an online survey is a great methodology for addressing questions such as satisfaction, number of visits per year, likelihood to recommend, and more.  

What are the benefits of online surveys for my winery?

Our full-service market research company often recommends online surveys for our winery and vineyard clients as they are one of the most cost-effective research studies.

Because online surveys are usually shorter and take less time for a customer to complete, a winery market research company can provide feedback in as little as two weeks.

If you are looking for more in-depth feedback and results, consider conducting follow-up phone surveys to select respondents.  

Brand Equity Studies for Wineries

Last but not least, a great research option for your winery or vineyard is a brand equity study. A brand equity survey is sent to a general population or geography of people, rather than only customers or visitors of your winery.

Surveying this audience will give your establishment a different perspective on how it is viewed or perceived by the community.  

What questions are asked in a winery brand equity study?

A winery market research firm such as Drive Research can recommend the best questions to include in your brand equity survey dependent on your specific goals and objectives. The most common questions include topics surrounding awareness, consideration, perception, and usage of your winery or wine.  

What are the benefits of brand equity surveys for my winery?

It is always important to collect feedback from non-customers. This is typically an untapped market for wineries and vineyards, however, this audience can provide invaluable insight. There may be a disconnect between your establishment and your target audience that you are not privy to.

It is necessary to understand what is most important to audiences similar to your customers such as preference of wine, amount of money they would spend on wine, how far they would travel to go to a winery, etc.

This information will help fill any gaps in the market and better position your winery as someone’s top choice when they are choosing a place to visit.

To learn more, read our ultimate guide to winery and wine trail market research surveys.

Check out findings from our CNY Winery Survey below. (More on this study, here.) 

CNY wine survey infographic

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