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As a national higher education research company, Drive Research has experience deploying strategic qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies to meet the demands and pressures facing educators today.

Allowing students to feel safe and well-educated is your priority. Providing dedicated higher education market research services to make that happen, is ours.

Higher education institutions work with Drive Research to provide the data necessary to increase enrollment, streamline admissions, improve the student experience, create programs to match the market area's needs, and better understand differentiators to utilize in marketing efforts.

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Our Higher Education Market Research Services

Navigating through the higher education field presents itself with unique challenges and opportunities, unlike any other industry. The feedback gathered from higher education market research allows schools to improve curriculum and programs to meet the needs of their students. Whether you are working in a college or university, Drive Research can work with you to get the answers you need.

Here are just a few of the many higher education market research options we offer.


Voice of Student (VoS) Surveys

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Implementing a dedicated Voice of Student (VoS) program is a powerful way to prioritize student wellbeing and enhance their overall experience in the education sector.

By actively seeking and valuing student feedback through education market research, institutions can empower students to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions, similar to how customers have a say in other industries.

Allow Drive Research to manage all aspects of the study including survey design, programming, fieldwork, data cleaning, and reporting. 


Program Feasibility Studies

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At Drive Research, we understand the critical importance of making informed decisions when it comes to program development and enhancement.

Our comprehensive program feasibility studies delve deep into the various aspects that contribute to a program's success.

Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, we thoroughly assess the demand for the proposed program, analyze the competitive landscape, and gauge its alignment with the institution's strategic goals and resources.


Student Experience (SX) Mystery Shopping

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Mystery shopping provides a unique and invaluable perspective on the student experience across various touchpoints within your campus environment.

By employing mystery shoppers to simulate real student interactions, colleges and universities can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their admissions process, campus facilities, dining services, and overall student support.

This in-depth understanding allows institutions to identify areas of improvement and create a seamless and positive experience that resonates with prospective and current students alike.


Admission and Enrollment Surveys

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Admission and enrollment surveys are a vital tool for colleges to gain valuable insights into the decision-making processes of accepted students who ultimately choose to enroll, as well as those who decide not to.

By extending the survey to include prospective students who did not apply, institutions can also uncover valuable feedback from potential applicants who opted for different educational paths.

This comprehensive approach to education market research helps colleges understand the key factors influencing enrollment decisions, enabling them to refine their recruitment strategies, improve offerings, and create a more compelling value proposition to attract and retain students successfully.


Focus Groups

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Discover the true voice of your students, their parents, or prospective students by conducting focus groups with our higher education market research company.

Engaging directly with your target audience, our focus groups provide a platform for open discussions on their needs, preferences, and expectations, giving you invaluable insights to tailor your programs, support services, and campus experience for maximum satisfaction and success.

Additionally, Drive Research can oversee focus group hosting, recruitment, moderating, reporting, and more.


Unlock the potential of data-driven decisions that elevate your higher education institution to new heights of success

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What Clients Say About Our Market Research Company

Higher education institutions employing market research with Drive Research gain valuable insights into student preferences, behaviors, and needs, allowing them to tailor their academic offerings and support services more effectively. It’s why we’ve earned a near-perfect 5-star Google rating.