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Higher Education Market Research with Drive Research

As a national higher education research company, Drive Research has experience deploying strategic market research services to meet the demands and pressures facing educators today.

Allowing students to feel safe and well-educated is your priority. Provided dedicated higher education market research services to make that happen, is ours.

Higher education institutions work with Drive Research to capitalize on our vast experience with a number of local and regional institutions.

Market research has provided clients the data necessary to increase enrollment, streamline admissions, improve the student experience, create programs to match the market area's needs, and better understand differentiators to utilize in marketing efforts.

Approach to Higher Education Market Research

Navigating through the higher education field presents itself with unique challenges and opportunities, unlike any other industry.

The feedback gathered from higher education market research allows schools to improve curriculum and programs to meet the needs of their students.

Higher education market research can be catered for all types of demographics and education levels.

At a high level, higher education market research places value through data, numbers, and facts to improve overall student enjoyment, participation, and engagement.

Higher Education Market Research Services

Whether you are working in a college or university, Drive Research can work with you to get the answers you need.

Our popular education market research services include:

  • Voice of Student (VoS) Surveys: Create a better student experience with a dedicated VoS program to focus on student wellbeing. This type of education market research gives students a voice in the same way that customers have a voice in other industries.
  • Program Feasibility Studies: Colleges and universities want to offer programs students are interested in, but these programs also need to provide opportunities for success. Program feasibility studies offer exactly that.
  • Student Experience (SX) Mystery Shopping: With various student touchpoints, mystery shopping offers an inside look at what it is like for students to take a tour of your campus, visit the admissions desk to ask a question, eat at the dining hall, and so on.
  • Enrollment Surveys: Enrollment surveys allow your college to survey accepted students who are enrolling, accepted students who are not enrolling, and a prospective student but non-applicant to understand the factors that go into their decision making for choosing a school.
  • Admission Surveys: Understand why students chose your school over others and chose not to enroll at your college or university. This is an untapped audience offering a ton of insights.

These are just a few of the education market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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