How Does an Online Survey Project Work? | Market Research Company

Not all market research projects are the same, but each share similar process characteristics. For the most part, they all follow a related process flowchart of kickoff to design to fieldwork to reporting. However, you'll find that each new project provides new challenges and hiccups that force you to adjust your process on the fly.

Working with a market research company that is flexible and responsive like Drive Research is essential. Having an idea about next steps in the online survey process helps everyone adjust strategies accordingly. This post answers the question of how an online survey project works in market research.

Managing an online survey project is front and back loaded, meaning the majority of an analyst's time is going to be spent designing, programming, and testing the online survey on the front-end. Conversely, on the back-end there is a lot of work during data cleaning, analysis, and reporting. Other than monitoring fieldwork and answering any technical questions from survey respondents once the online survey is "live" and running, the data collection period is straight-forward.

The vast majority of online survey completes are received in the first 24 to 48 hours of launch. Reminder emails will provide you with a bump in responses but its minimal compared to what you will receive on the initial invite. So many online surveys will only run one week or less.

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