4 Tips to Build a Better Email Survey

Email is one of, if not the most popular channels for sending surveys. When executed correctly, email surveys allow you to receive direct customer feedback in a quick and cost effective fashion.

Many organizations understand the power of email surveys and the value they provide. However, for the results to be a true representation of a larger demographic your email survey must trigger a high customer response rate.

The more responses you get from your customers, the greater the power of your results. By utilizing these 4 email survey tips you'll be able to collect more customer responses and receive high quality, actionable data.

Use these 4 tips on your next email survey to collect more customer responses and receive higher quality data.


Tip #1: Keep your email survey short

Do you have the time to spend over 10 minutes answering questions about a company or product? Probably not - and neither do your customers.

Keep your email surveys to 3-5 minutes, asking only the most top of mind and pertinent questions. The shorter your email survey is, the more engaged your customers will be. And the more willing they will be to participate in the future.

Tip #2: Test your email survey on a mobile device

When building an email survey, consider the fact more than half of your responses will be completed on a mobile device. It is important to not only test your survey on desktop and laptop, but a mobile device too.

For example, a large matrix question may look great on a large, horizontal screen but it can be difficult for respondents to view or answer the question properly on their smart phone.

In order to collect the best possible data, take the time to optimize your email survey for mobile devices.

Tip #3: Add your survey link above the fold

Don't bury the lead! Your ultimate goal in creating an email survey is to get respondents to click the survey link.

Keep your survey link above the fold, meaning at or near the top of the email invitation to ensure it is easily accessible for customers to click on. Again, keeping in mind mobile respondents who will likely only scroll once before exiting out of an email invitation.

Tip #4: Include the "why" of an email survey

Just because you're asking your customers to do something, doesn't mean they will. In fact, it's likely they'll ask, "What's in it for me?"

While this doesn't mean you must offer an incentive in return for a high response rate, it's important to provide detail as to why you're conducting this research.

Add a simple line of copy such as, "Your survey response will directly impact how we create guidelines and processes for our employees so we can better satisfy our customers." In doing so, you are validating the importance of customer feedback by highlighting their role in employee training and best practices.

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