4 Unique Traits of a Good Market Research Consultant

Market research is a very specialized type of marketing consulting. It is not something everyone can do, and often takes an experienced talent to be done well. Although market research firms may not be as abundant as per say, advertising or marketing agencies, as a buyer you will still be faced with a lot of choices. How do you choose the right market research consultant or firm for your business?

4 Unique Traits of a Good Market Research Consultant

Consider the following unique traits of a great market research consultant:

  • A good storyteller - you may have a budget that dictates a $100,000 study but at the end of the day the research needs to leave you with a story that you can communicate throughout your organization and across various departments. You will not be able to share (or you will become very unpopular if you try to share) a 310 page PowerPoint deck which details statistical breakdowns from the latest research study. Pick a consultant who can provide you with an impactful and memorable story from the data that leaves an impact. "Let me tell you a story about our typical customer John. John is 42 years old, has been a customer for 4 years, and associates our company with quality. John is very satisfied with the performance and speed of our products and thinks customer service and wait times need to be improved..." This example is a little more real than reading off numbers from graphs. Finding the story in the data and data visualization were the 2 most in-demand topics in the 2016 GRIT report.

  • Someone who loves what they do - there are people who work jobs to earn a salary and people who embrace careers to help businesses. After one or a few short discussions it is very easy to determine the level of passion someone has for their work. Working with someone who is passionate in market research will pay dividends for you and your firm. The insights gleaned will be more powerful, the depth of work will be greater, and the overall experience will be much more valuable from a passionate consultant.

  • A leader - find a consultant who challenges your processes and forces you to rethink your research. Pick a consultant who knows what questions to ask, how to ask them, and is not afraid to try a new methodology or difficult project. A leader can articulate a vision for your market research study and transform your objectives into a step-by-step approach to get the answers you need.

  • Finding someone you trust - more so than anything else, choose someone you trust. At the end of the day people do not choose brands, choose businesses, or buy names, but rather, they buy people. If you trust the market researcher is working in your best interest and is authentic, your choice is made.

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