Syracuse Market Research Company Offers 4 Tips for Your Customer Survey

A customer survey can offer an organization a lot of value and return on investment. At it's core, it is the essence of market research. It involves formally reaching out to customers, asking for feedback, and taking action on results.

Our Syracuse market research company has completed a lot of customer surveys over the years. There are 4 very basic principles that can help you with your next customer survey.

Here is the 10 step customer survey process: 

  1. Market research proposal
  2. Kickoff meeting to address objectives and expectations
  3. Workplan to highlight timeline and key tasks
  4. Survey drafting
  5. Survey programming, testing, and soft-launch
  6. Full launch of fieldwork including invitations and reminders
  7. Close fieldwork and begin final data quality checks
  8. Analysis and building of charts and graphs
  9. Report creation
  10. Debrief and next steps

Read more about our 4 customer survey tips below.

Grab a coffee and enjoy these 4 customer survey tips from our Syracuse market research company. All practical and usable tips.

Customer Survey Tip 1: Keep Questions Concise

Engagement is crucial with customer surveys. Try not to use any additional words or language that is unnecessary. When you ask your customer survey questions get right to the point. Being concise is critical because it keeps momentum going in the survey. Answering one question leads to another, and another. Being concise limits drop-off.

Customer Survey Tip 2: Focus on Closed-Ended Questions

If you ask too many open-ended questions, it will force your customers to type a lot. Lots of typing also increases rates of drop-out. Open-ended questions are free text responses without any categories to choose from. Whereas closed-ended questions offer radio buttons to select one answer or multiple responses. Try to make 80% or 90% of your survey questions closed-ended.


Customer Survey Tip 3: Keep The Length Short

Sensing a theme here? Similar to short questions and making the majority of your questions closed-ended, make sure your survey is short as well. We recommend about 15 to 20 questions maximum. This keeps the length of survey to about 3 to 5 minutes which is a good length to limit drop-off. The longer the survey, the more respondents who will bail.

Customer Survey Tip 4: Take Action With Results

Getting responses to your survey is only half the battle. Once your fieldwork is complete, then the real job begins for a Syracuse market research company. This starts with analysis and reporting. When the data is collected, you'll want to put together charts and graphs to summarize the findings. But you'll want to spend the majority of your time interpreting the results, pulling insights, and understanding what next steps can be taken.

Outcomes should be focuses on recommendations and next steps. Create 3 or 5 items to share with management about factors that should change to improve operations, marketing, or strategy. This is where the real value of customer surveys lie.

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