What is an Infographic? | Market Research Company in Syracuse, NY

The days of the 100+ page market research reports are on their way out if not already gone. The ones that do still exist are hanging on by a thread as readers of these reports are continually pressed for time and the need to decipher hundreds of pages of data quickly. Infographics are all part of the storytelling trend in market research and marketing. It's not the idea of storytelling that it's appealing, it's the ability to explain complex topics simply. 

Upper management and clients alike will say "it's great that you collected 2,500 completes and wrote a 156 page report, but I need to know the key takeaways. My boss is not going to read this" Infographics accomplish this and help synthesize the hundreds of pages of data into a one-page graphic.

What is an Infographic? | Market Research Company in Syracuse, NY

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual image using graphics to depict information or data. Infographics are commonly used through social media, press releases, and in magazines to graphically represent data. They are becoming more common in market research and find their way into all Drive Research reports for our clients. An infographic differs slightly from a dashboard in that a dashboard focuses more on metric dials.

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