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One of the simplest yet most powerful market research approaches you can utilize is a customer feedback survey. A customer feedback survey can benefit all types of businesses and organizations, both large and small. Customer feedback surveys are designed to collect responses, reactions, and comments from customers using a formal questionnaire or form.

There are several options you have when it comes to a customer feedback survey. It is important to work with a customer feedback survey company or third-party market research company to assist you when collecting data. This ensures honest and unbiased responses that customers may not be willing to offer if the feedback goes directly to your organization.

We have called this the "messy roommate bias" in prior blog posts. A college student may not tell their roommate that he or she is messy but will tell their friends. The same principle applies with a customer feedback survey. It is important to offer a third-party to design, manage, and collect feedback from customers.

Customer Feedback Survey | Market Research Company

Drive Research is a customer feedback survey company.

What is a Customer Feedback Survey?

As stated above, customer feedback surveys are a formal way to collect responses, reactions, an comments from customers using a survey or questionnaire.

You have several options to conduct this survey including:

(1) Paper comment cards

(2) Mailed surveys

(3) Emailed surveys

(4) Website surveys

(5) Phone surveys

These are a few of the common forms of customer feedback surveys.

How Does a Customer Feedback Survey Work?

Customer feedback surveys are designed to follow a script of questions. The number of questions can range from just a few to upwards of 15 to 20 questions. Keeping customer feedback surveys short ensures high participation and engagement rates.

When you work with a customer feedback survey company, the project moves through several steps. These shift from kickoff to workplan, survey design, testing, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting. If the survey is conducted through mail or email, invitations and potential reminders are sent to customers after an experience takes place or at a given time each month, quarter, or year.

Surveys that are more self-selected such as comment cards or a link on a website typically produce a smaller participation and response rate. Oftentimes with market research, you need to formally invite or ask a customer to participate in a customer feedback survey.

This is also true with follow-up phone surveys. The phone surveys are typically a bit more expensive and take longer than an email survey. The key benefit is that the interviewer gets to discuss the experience in a more personal fashion.

Why is a Customer Feedback Survey Important?

In order to improve your business or organization you must first learn what your customers like and dislike. What needs to be improved? How satisfied are your customers? How loyal are they? What competitors do they use?

These and several other objectives can be addressed through a customer feedback survey. Analyzing customer feedback can help align marketing and strategy with your organization's next steps. Listening to and acting on customer feedback ensures your strategy is aligned with the needs and wants of your customers.

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Drive Research is a customer feedback survey company. Our firm works with organizations and businesses across the country helping them custom design and manage customer feedback surveys.

We manage the entire process from start-to-finish for our clients from kickoff through reporting. Many of our projects are regular surveys (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) to help you keep the pulse of your customers.

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