Website Surveys: How to Collect Feedback from Site Visitors

Website intercept surveys are a great way to collect real-time feedback and evaluate your site visitors’ online experience. There are multiple stages of a customer or prospect’s digital journey that can be measured with website surveys.

  • A visitor browses one or two pages but ultimately leaves your website. What product/service was your site visitor looking for that they could not find on your website?
  • A visitor put items in their cart but then abandons the page. What was the barrier to making the final purchase?
  • A visitor makes a purchase or fills out a form on your website. What helped encourage their decision to contact or purchase from your brand?

Watch this short video to understand the definition, process, and benefits of executing a website survey. 

What are website intercept surveys?

Website intercepts collect data through online surveys. There are various pages or instances where your company could choose to place the online website survey.

Our website intercept survey company can place the questionnaire as a pop-up message or display ad to effectively measure the online experience of your site visitors. A visitor can be prompted to take a survey when they first enter a website, after a specific amount of time has passed, after they complete a purchase, etc.

Where and when a visitor is asked to complete the online survey is likely dependent on your objectives and goals for conducting user experience (UX) research.

How to execute a website survey?

Our third-party website survey company often recommends three different options for companies looking to conduct this type of market research.

Option 1: Embedded Survey On-Site

A website survey company, such as Drive Research, will program a survey addressing your key objectives. The third-party vendor will then send you an HTML code to embed it on any page of your website.

Option 2: Pop-up Survey In-screen

This website survey option appears on the respondent’s screens in a smaller window. The site visitor can choose to complete the survey – without leaving your website. Once finished with the online survey, the respondent will continue browsing your site.

Option 3: Pop-up Survey Invitation

Similar to Option 2, a smaller screen will appear on any given page of your website. However, instead of remaining on your website, a respondent is invited to complete the survey off-site.

The reason some clients choose this option is to ask additional questions and assure the respondent in fully engaged.

Learn more about the process for website surveys with our third-party market research company.

What are the benefits of using website surveys?

There are very few businesses who do not have a digital presence – and you if don’t, then you absolutely should. Customers are constantly searching for products or services online.

Even brook and mortar locations have adopted online sales strategies to increase business from several outlets.

Website surveys help companies measure and evaluate their visitors’ intentions and how they use their site. One bad experience can turn a prospect into a lost sale.

Identifying barriers of purchase on a website can help your organization resolve these issues before losing more potential customers. Other major benefits include:

Collect In-the-Moment Feedback

What better way to earn the most accurate data in market research than with real-time or in-the-moment feedback. The longer you wait to survey an audience after an interaction they had with your organization, the more skewed the data becomes.

Website intercept surveys eliminate any preconceived thoughts or opinions by collecting feedback from visitors right away.

Access All Users of a Website

It is better to understand every different site visitors’ experience with your website, than just collecting feedback from those who made a purchase from your company.

Website surveys eliminate the need for tracking down contact information from people who came to your site and left. In doing so, your brand can eliminate bias and strengthen the value of the data.

Higher Response Rates

Rather than emailing a survey to a list of customers, our market research company finds greater response rates with web surveys when asking feedback about our client’s websites.

Here are 4 more reasons why your website needs an intercept survey.

Working with Our Website Survey Company

Drive Research is a national market research company specializing in website surveys. Our experts will help write, program, manage and analyze your survey.

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