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One of the most difficult parts of qualitative market research is recruiting the tough to find participants. Whether you're looking for recruits in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, other parts of Upstate New York, or other parts of the country, the challenge is the same.

How do we find participants for our qualitative market research project?

Our clients and out-of-market research firms often partner with our company to find these tough participants. We leverage several pools and resources we have in-house which give us a leg up on national panel houses and regional competitors. Our firm has access to participants on a local and regional level that national panel vendors cannot provide.

Read more about our market research recruitment firm's resources below.

We find. We target. We reach out. We engage. We recruit.

You can say find the participants you're looking for that other firms cannot.

[Cue the difficult to find research participant emerged from the mist.]

Finding Participants for Your Market Research | Recruitment Firm Upstate, NY

Pool 1: Our Panel

The Drive Research panel has been built up through participants from past market research studies with our company. These participants are from a variety of geographies across Upstate NY including Syracuse. These are past participants in studies on fun topics, serious topics, specific industries, specific types of products or services, and even those who haven't participated in market research yet, but want to.

Let's just say the variety of topics and subject matters allows our market research firm in Syracuse to have access to a number of diverse profiles and participants for future market research.

This provides our clients a pool of willing and ready-to-go participants for their qualitative market research projects and recruits. A panel allows our team to recruit quality and reliable participants in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Pool 2: Social Media Followers

We are diligent with our social media shares (as Emily, our Research Analyst and social media guru can attest). Our team gathers likes, reactions, and shares on our posts on a daily basis. Many of our posts receive lots of attention from our fans and networks on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. And we love every single one of those notifications we get!

How does this help you? It gets our name and message out to our followers on a consistent basis and keeps us on their radar. Perfect for? When you need to place a post on Facebook or Twitter looking for qualitative market research participants, our firm acquires a ton of engagement from our own followers.

These organic posts are often liked and shared by our fans which creates a snowball effect to grow our recruitment pool for your study. This gives us and you greater flexibility in choosing the right participants for your market research study because there are just more to choose from.

It's free too, with an organic post or share to our fans and followers, we don't have to pay to get this message in front of them. This is an excellent bonus for our qualitative market research recruits across Upstate NY.

Pool 3: Paid Social Media

Since we just talked about organic social media shares, let's jump into the world of paid social media ads. Some market research firms know how to do this well, while others get by or barely dabble in this space. Having a background working for a digital marketing agency as the Research Director for a few years, helped me apply a wealth of knowledge to this space for qualitative market research recruiting. This competitive advantage becomes your competitive advantage for your recruit.

With paid social media ads you have the ability to target participants on Facebook (and other platforms like Instagram and Twitter) by a boat load of demographics, behaviors, and interests. Facebook collects a mountain of data and information on its users to? You guessed it. Sell it to advertisers for targeting. Or in our case, selling it to qualitative market research recruitment firms to find participants for projects.

Either way, it's an excellent source to use for market research recruiting. Just make sure you find a firm who knows what they are doing, how to achieve the highest engagement, and gets you the ROI you deserve. Not a market research recruitment firm who just throws up a dull post which will get you half of the qualified participants you could have gotten from a professional.

Some claim to do it well, but in the end you may be forced to accept lesser quality participants or half of the intended participants you wanted to interview. In a lot of cases, your travel is booked, you'll be making the trip to complete the focus groups whether there are 6 participants or 12 participants recruited. Go with a firm that knows how to meet your expectations.

Oh yeah. Thinking about a B2B recruitment study? Don't forget about LinkedIn.

And you want me to participate in your market research? Yawn.

Not with a dull and boring post like that.

Pool 4: Targeted Email Lists

Another resource we utilize for some of our regional and national studies is targeted email lists with our advertising partner in the area. This is always in our back pocket if needed. These lists are made up of targeted profiles and personas of people in the region and across the country who have signed up to receive emails for deals, discounts, and special offers.

What qualifies as an offer? How about a 20 minute phone interview about shopping habits in return for a $75 stipend?

These targeted email lists come with guaranteed open rates and engagement which is much higher than a typical e-blast. These targeted emails lists come in handy for B2B recruits as well where clients are looking for specific titles or industries for a focus group, executive interview, or other methodology.

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