What is an IHUT? | Marketing Research Company in Syracuse, NY

What is an IHUT? | Marketing Research Company in Syracuse, NY

What is an IHUT in market research?

An IHUT in market research stands for in-home usage test. You may also see the term HUT, which means simply home usage test. IHUTs and HUTs are very popular in consumer product research where consumers often use the product in-home (think Campbell's soup, Swiffer Sweeper, etc.) The locale for this research is inside of consumers' homes where analysts are on-site to collect feedback and data.

Why are IHUTs beneficial?

IHUTs support the notion and validity of "in the moment" market research. With a moderator or analyst on-site while the product is being used, you can see first-hand how the consumer interacts with it. You can ask follow-up questions right then and there which creates an engaging methodology for your market research.

How are IHUTs scheduled?

To conduct an IHUT research firms will recruit users of a product, qualify them through an online screener or by phone, and set up an appointment to visit their home to conduct an in-person interview regarding the testing of the product. Legitimacy and trust obviously play a large role in recruiting for these IHUTs. As a result participation rates are typically lower in these types of studies. Therefore incentives usually need to be higher from a market research firm.

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