What is Incidence Rate? | Market Research Firm Syracuse NY

As part of the market research 101 series on the Drive Research blog, today we'll give you a better understanding of incidence rate in market research. What is incidence rate in market research? Incidence rate is defined as the number of respondents from a sample pool that will qualify for your study. If your market research survey is looking to target females only, your incidence rate will immediately drop from 100% to ~50%. If you are looking to target females with children under the age of 18, your incidence rate will drop even further to less than 20%.

Online panel companies use incidence rates to estimate how difficult the audience will be to reach and how many respondents will qualify for the study. Surveys with low incidence rates result in additional work to gather completes, additional costs per complete, and a higher overall project expense. This is driven by the difficulty in collecting a large number of completes from a laser-targeted audience.

Expect to pay more for a survey conducted with a highly specific audience such as B2B decision-makers. The B2B pools for most online panel companies are generally smaller than B2C. Targeting specific titles or roles can cause your incidence rate to drop significantly. 

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