What is a Recruitment Screener in Market Research?

What is a Recruitment Screener in Market Research?

A recruitment screener is a necessary step in qualitative market research. A recruitment screener is the document or script used to qualify participants for focus group sessions or in-depth interviews (IDIs). Market research suppliers and clients work to create parameters for the sessions, meaning the types of participants they would like to attend.

Recruitment screeners are often used to qualify participants to ensure:

  • They fit the appropriate target profile for the qualitative research (including such things as age, gender, behaviors, purchasing habits, etc.)
  • They do not work in market research, advertising, or any other relevant industry which may bias responses in a focus group.
  • They have not participated in a focus group or IDI in the past 6 months, year, or a timeframe deemed appropriate by your team.
  • They do not have any condition that would limit their ability to read or write.

For example, let's say Coca-Cola wants to conduct market research to understand why some customers choose their product versus a competitive product like Pepsi. The marketing honchos at Coca-Cola decide it would be best to hold one Coca-Cola loyalist group and one Pepsi loyalist group. Specific questions would be asked in the recruitment screener to ensure both groups fit the targeted age range, both purchased only one brand of soda over the past year, and both always purchase either Coke or Pepsi. These would be questions included in your recruitment screener.

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