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Content is king. We know this and we live this at Drive Research (no, really...we publish new blog posts everyday). While the makeup of content marketing comes in various forms such as blog posts, whitepapers, reports, and so on there is one approach not many companies take.

Content marketing research takes your content and marketing strategy to the next level. According to a study by Buzzsumo and Mantis Research, 9 out of 10 companies who do original research found it to be successful. 56% of respondents even stating the results of content marketing research met or exceeded their expectations.

Try it out for size! Here are 4 quick examples of how content marketing research can strengthen your approach to content marketing.

Do not let writer's block get in the way of creating an effective content and marketing strategy. Watch as we outline 4 deliverables from content marketing research.


1. Blogs

As we've mentioned, we LOVE to blog at Drive Research. There is so much content revolving around market research, it is hard to keep our mouths shut. We know this is not always the case for every industry and it can be hard to think of new, exciting, and engaging content to blog about.

A market research report can generate a whole series of blog posts. Think beyond one blog post summarizing your results. Each survey question, or shocking statistic from the market research report can be recreated into a number of different blog posts.

2. Website Copy

With the impact of search engine optimization (SEO) and users turning to web-based research before making a purchasing decision, it is important your website reflects your most positive company profile.

Various different types of market research methodologies like customer satisfaction surveys or mystery shopping, can showcase why customers choose to buy from your company, why customers would consider buying from a competitor, and much more. Use this research to pump up your website copy to showcase your biggest attributes and how you are better than your competition.

3. Infographics

Market research gets a bad wrap for only producing boring statistics outlined by charts and graphs. But, like most things - it's all in the presentation.

Content marketing research does not only have to be presented in words, charts, or graphs. Infographics are a great addition to your content marketing strategy as they offer a new outlook or perspective for the reader. Design your infographic with custom fonts, colors, and icons based on the topic of research to create a valuable and fun user experience.

Here are 6 things to consider for your next market research infographic.

4. Whitepapers

Whitepapers have stood the test of time in content marketing as they've proven to be an invaluable deliverable for prospects and clients in various industries. Customers like real facts and figures - whitepapers best outline these.

How can you find these facts and figures? Market research. No matter what you are trying to uncover, market research will easily and effectively find the data you are looking for. Even better, it is the information your customers and prospects are actively seeking.

By adding a whitepaper to your content marketing strategy, you are adding a lead generation component. Upload the whitepaper to your website with a download form. Prospects who are seeking answers found within your report, must fill out their contact information to download the whitepaper.

This is a great opportunity to follow up with the prospect a few days later asking for their feedback on the whitepaper, if the whitepaper answered their questions, and what else you can do to meet their needs.

That's not all folks. Click here for full list of research-driven content examples.

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